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Author advocates innovative approach to management development


management-developmentWorried by the high mortality rate of start-ups in the country, an author, Lucky Ehizioje, has advocated innovative approach to management development.

In his book titled: Who Viewed His Coin Right?, Ehizioje said sticking to traditional ways of doing things remains a bane of good management and one of 27 mental blindness that hinder successful business.

In the book, Ehizioje argued that many start-up firms have folded up as a result of tradition, stressing that others merely struggle to keep up simply because they are unable to break with such archaic ways of doing things.

This, he said continued to prevail because many organisations have closed their eyes to discovering new opportunities and innovative ways of doing things.

Ehizioje therefore listed 27 mental blindness issues that must be avoided and 15 eye-openers that must be embraced on how best to manage execution gaps in an organization.

He said: “The issue of execution gap has been discovered to be a major issue causing failure and inability to achieve organizational goal. So, the best way to manage execution gap is by promoting learning and growth in an organization.”

Ehizioje stated that humility is one of the mental openings that must be embraced, noting, “humility makes you insensitive to distractions that will ordinarily not let you achieve your goals.

Whoever is marked with humility is a humble man. Meanwhile, a humble man is a man who cannot be turned off in spite of tons of aspersions cast in his integrity; it takes humility to learn crucial things. “The style of every manager or leader in an organisation tells whether the organisation will be productive or decline.

Everybody in life is with two tendencies, a tendency to lead and a tendency to follow: when the tendency to follow is well exercised, it naturally triggers the tendency to lead and when the time to lead comes one will be able to perform excellently. The link between following and leading is learning.

At each level, there is learning peculiar to it and the link to it is learning. So, the level you stop learning, you stop growing and begins to decay. “No one starts a journey of life in level one that is why I wrote in the book that a journey or a step to leadership starts with level zero, inexperience or unskilled training, whereby there is acquisition of knowledge or skill by individual and the stage of lacking in capacity is under level zero”.

The author lays strong emphasis on leadership style, adding, “Life is full of many unconscious leaders and it will be disastrous for anybody to make himself or herself unconscious.

In fact, education pipeline is structured into any organization such that the flow of knowledge should come from infinite sources unto the coach or manager that will set the direction of what must be done, how it must be done, and pass it to his subordinates in the organisation for flawless execution of goals.

And definitely, the style of the leader will tell in the life of his follower. “When people are inspired to work and as well motivated then the job execution gap will be relatively filled up. The word, COIN is a metaphor that means goal; what you aspire to be or achieve in life”.

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