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Why passengers still have phobia for flying


phobia for flyingDESPITE the increasing confidence in aviation technology and a growing dependence on air travelling solutions, there is still a sizeable portion of people who feel real discomfort as soon as they step on-board.

So what could be the reasons behind the fact that for some people, flying still associate with the worst nightmare? Can such factors as interior colours, design features and entertainment systems influence their comfort during the flight?

According to a survey, one of the top factors which commonly compromise ability to relax on an aircraft could probably be other passengers sitting nearby.

It stated that in the late 19th century, Gustave Le Bon observed humans in crowds acting in accordance to the so called “herd behaviour”.

“We all tend to act the same way without a clear direction when we find ourselves in large groups”. With that in mind, no wonder, it may be nearly impossible to loosen up whilst on-board, where anyone of the 200 people may start acting out or showing clear signs of panic.

Aside that, there are numerous reasons why people get agitated on planes, including stress, fear, anxiety or even anger.

Regardless of the nature of distress, the state and the reaction that follow, can often easily spread to other passengers.

Furthermore, such common hassles as waiting in long queues at the airport, overcrowded aircraft and sitting next to a stranger can all add up to a very unpleasant experience.

Meanwhile, in contrast to commercial carriers which seem to be incapable of reducing the stress of their passengers, private aviation has been with the exclusive focus on their consumers’ needs.

However, prompted by the increasing demand and appreciation of private flying, even such industry giants as Airbus and Boeing are jumping in by establishing their private jet divisions. It is a clear sign that exquisite interiors, entertainment services and more are now a must to ensure maximum comfort and a positive feeling on-board.

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