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Bulkpost eyes N500m annual revenue, backs PMG’s reforms

By Peter Oluka
28 October 2016   |   1:47 am
Bulkpost Venture, an arm of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has pledged to continue generating about N500million to the government’s coffers annually, in in spite declining volume ...
 Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi

Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi

Bulkpost Venture, an arm of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has pledged to continue generating about N500million to the government’s coffers annually, in in spite declining volume of mails across postal industry.

Similarly, Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi, post master general, NIPOST, said that the new leadership of the agency will abide by the global standards set by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) as well as deploy technology to block leakages and increase the revenue base.

Also speaking, Dr. Mike Umo, general manager of Bulkpost Venture who spoke to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek, expressed his team’s determination to support Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi, to enhance the Service’s operations.

“What we do is more or less a routine. Our business is to prospect business mails, flag them and dispatch to the central mail processing centres (CMPC) located in Shomolu and Marine. Lagos is divided into two territories; while CPMC Shomolu serves the Mainland, the other serves Island. Our responsibility as a venture ends at the point of dispatching these mails to the CPMCs; we do not engage in sorting. That is the level of collaboration we have”. Umo said

On NIPOST’s new PMG he said, “The new PMG/CEO is a vibrant personality with a lot of ideas.

We are there to support him to succeed as a tree does not make a forest; no matter how brilliant one might be he cannot succeed alone. When you talk of functional ventures in NIPOST, you can count Bulkpost as number two; that is after EMS Nigeria. Despite the fact capital market industry has embraced electronic processes, we are still making impact. Our revenue on yearly basis has not been below N500million. We are still doing our best despite declining volume of mails in the country”.

The Bulkpost GM added that they are working assiduously towards automating their processes in line with new NIPOST drives.

Giving snippet of NIPOST reforms, Adegbuyi, the new PMG said that “Deployment of technology to tackle leakages is paramount in our drives to serve the customers better, because if our competitions serve the customers better we will lose out. Also, now that the ‘party’ is over; the dependence on monopolistic product is over, we are ready to deploy technology to tackle leakages and through that increase our revenue”.

He added that NIPOST will queue-in into the knowledge-based economy and digital convergence drives of the Federal Government promoted by the Ministry of Communication.

“It is very pertinent to start by saying that world-wide this postal brand is not just known; but very powerful, one of the most critical social roles of the Post is connecting he world through postal service. However, in today’s highly competitive scenario, a dynamic postal brand must represent far more than traditional service to the public,” the PMG said.

According to him, to continue to be relevant in today’s dispensation, a postal brand must not only proactive but must also evoke trust, security and highly qualitative service that is able to enhance customers’ loyalty.

“Knowledge-based economy is the way forward, because it leverages on the dynamics of the citizens and Nigeria cannot be different. We need a convivial environment for discussions and I believe the Bulkpost Venture Customers’ Forum is one of such platforms. We need robust ideas on how to judiciously deliver on the mandate using available resources. NIPOST only needed a leader to show the way because we have competent men and women in the Service to deliver on the mandate,” Adegbuyi added.