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Love & Life

7 Apr 2018
It was four years ago when I met this guy in a friend’s party and we spent several hours of kissing before we parted. It was just a drunk night out with a friend. Later on, I found out that he was the son of one of my father’s friends. My younger sister (20 years…
7 Mar 2018
To all intents and purposes, the indefatigable US President Donald Trump has acquired the not-so-flattering distinction of being one man against the whole wide world. And he seems to revel in it.
3 Mar 2018
I am not sure what solution I am looking for, but I feel like my husband is purposely trying to make me go “crazy.” See, since the first day of our marriage four years ago, everything has gone down hill for us. He dramatically changed and did things to me, hurtful things, which almost ended…
10 Feb 2018
Valentine’s Day is said to be the most romantic day of the year, but a lot of us in this part of the world aren’t basic flowers-and-chocolates types of people, maybe as a result of culture, upbringing or just the poor economy. This year’s Valentine’s falls on Ash Wednesday and if you want to do…
10 Feb 2018
I probably would have never found out about this but one night I guess it was bothering him because he just came out and admitted to me what had happened. He claims he had to tell me because I was such a good Woman to him and such a wonderful sister and Friend to her…
20 Jan 2018
Am falling in love with my best friend and usually, that is a good thing. I mean, we trust each other with everything and we are so close. We get each other in a way no one else can. But he has a girlfriend of three years and they are in a pretty serious, long…
30 Dec 2017
I am Catherine, 22 years of age and completely head over heels in love with my boyfriend. He makes me feel wonderful about myself, both physically and emotionally, always complimenting me, calling me pretty, beautiful, sexy and all that. He has told me about his sexual past and he has been with some pretty adventurous…
30 Dec 2016
Love is a beautiful thing in all its forms but, perhaps, the most enigmatic and often mysterious variant of love is the romantic kind. As someone privileged to read the submissions that pour into a well-frequented site ...
12 Nov 2016
When people are not married, they are viewed as people who are not responsible and ready to settle down.
5 Nov 2016
I am not a loose woman; I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him. I just did what I had to do to save my marriage, even though I feel guilty sometimes.
15 Oct 2016
A need is more likely to be defined as a want that requires pressing attention. On the other hand, a choice is a want that does not necessarily require immediate attention, like getting it immediately. 
15 Oct 2016
There was a song in the 1970s made popular by Mary Macgregor, entitled, Torn between Two Lovers, and the chorus goes: "Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool


7 mins ago
North Korea has enshrined its status as a nuclear power in its constitution, with leader Kim Jong Un calling for more modern atomic weapons to counter the threat from the United States, state media reported Thursday.
23 mins ago
Thai anti-narcotics police seized over $8 million worth of drugs in one of the largest single hauls in the kingdom's history, officers said Thursday.
37 mins ago
US President Joe Biden will give a key speech in Arizona Thursday on protecting democratic institutions, in a fresh attack on Donald Trump as the rivals ramp up their 2024 election battle
55 mins ago
British-Irish actor Michael Gambon, best known for playing Albus Dumbledore in six of the eight "Harry Potter" films, has died in hospital aged 82, his family announced Thursday.
1 hour ago
Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC), Command of the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), has alerted the public of a fake Facebook account created in the name of the agency by fraudsters.