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Natural And Home Remedies For Depression (III)

By G. C Ihesie
23 May 2015   |   4:18 am
IN order to treat depression and indeed other “psychiatric diseases” appropriately and effectively, it is important to know the root causes.
Photo: blackenterprise

Photo: blackenterprise

IN order to treat depression and indeed other “psychiatric diseases” appropriately and effectively, it is important to know the root causes.

Using anti-depressant medication to alter the chemical balance in the nervous system can help keep the symptoms of depression at bay and perhaps help some of the patients get through their daily routines.

However, it would or may not reverse or “cure” the condition.

The recommended natural treatment for depression vary from patient to patient and is usually based on the root cause of the disease and the unique needs of the individual patient.

However, no matter the cause or causes, diet plays a major role in the effective treatment of depression, because the food we eat or what we drink has remarkable effect on us, physically and emotionally (psychologically), for “we are what we eat and drink,” says an adage.

The man in flesh and blood has a triune nature: spirit (the real man), soul (spirit covered with non-physical bodies, but without the heavy physical body), and the physical body (the outermost covering of the spirit).

The spirit is the only living core that gives life or animates and controls the physical body. Only the spirit is capable of self-consciousness, perceive intuitively- joy, love, real happiness, beauty, as well as sadness, sorrow, hate, ugliness, etc.

The human blood, which is regarded as “tissue” in liquid state, has its own radiation and this blood radiation serves not only as connecting bridge or link between the spirit and the physical body, but also as a path of communication between the two.

For example, the science of phycho-neuro-immunology has shown that all our thoughts, feelings, emotions and all the impressions received through our five physical senses are collected in the brain, which translates them into electrical impulses that trigger equivalent biochemical changes in the blood that in turn affect our bodies in like manners.

It is important to note here that the biochemical changes in the blood (or the alteration in the composition of the blood) produce corresponding blood radiation, which is the connecting bridge and the communication pathway or the link between the spirit and the physical body.

Thus, via the radiation of the blood (acting as a bridge), all the impressions and information received through our five physical senses are transmitted to the spirit.

In a like manner, the human spirit transmits its volition and will as a wave of powerful radiations along this same bridge of blood radiations to the brain and to our physical bodies.

The blood radiation is dependent on the composition of the blood and the composition of the blood is greatly dependent on what we eat and drink.

Good health in body and soul can be sustained by good blood composition and favourable blood radiation, which comes partly and significantly from eating vital foods from one’s own native soil; well balanced diet, rich in all the necessary vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, other nutrients and “biophysical radiations.”

Unwholesome eating habits (may lead to deficiency or excess of one vital nutrient or another), eating foods grown outside one’s own region of birth (foreign foods), foods that are contaminated with heavy metals, like lead or aluminum or harmful food additives and toxic chemicals that are known to pollute the blood.

“Poisoned” blood can in turn negatively alter the composition of the blood, which may then produce conflicting and unfavourable blood radiations that can hinder an effective communication between the soul and the body or lack of harmony between the two.

Depression, mental ill-health, psychic disturbances and all that have been generally “psychiatric diseases” are known to be due to chronic disharmony between the soul and the body.

A common adage, which says, “food and drink keep the body and soul together,” probably explains the importance and significance of correct eating habits and the consequent good blood composition and the favourable blood radiation in promoting harmony between spirit, soul and body, which is a necessary condition for the full activities of the spirit here on earth, including its control of the physical body.

As we have noted above, most of the “psychiatric diseases” are usually due to negative and unfavourable alterations in the composition of the blood, which produces conflicting or very weak blood radiation that hinders or prevents the spirit from fully asserting itself over the physical body or from unfolding itself freely.

One of the natural ways of dealing with depression and other psychic disturbances effectively is to avoid:
– The excessive intake of acid-forming foods, such as refined table sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined and processed/tinned foods loaded with chemical additives, artificial colourings, overcooked foods, fatty foods, refined grains lacking in dietry fibers, vitamins, minerals, imitation fruit drinks, fizzy and soda drinks, strong alcoholic beverages, tobacco or cigarette smoking, etc.

These are known to deplete some of the vital nutrients, such as Vitamins C, E and B-complex, biotin, folic acid, niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1) and omega-3 fatty acids, amino acid, like tryptophan, etc.

Deficiencies or insufficiencies of these vital nutrients in the blood are known to make depression worse or aggravates it.



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