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Photo; trumbull

Photo; trumbull

You must work on getting yourself or your company into the right position before you can expect to achieve world class results. The art of positioning is key and it can be played at all levels.

A country that intends to dominate the World in military and defense such as the United States must position itself to get there by first investing in the best technology, conducting the best research and development, getting the best training for its troops, supporting the most profound innovation amongst its scientists.

These actions will most certainly put the NATION in the position to achieve its goals of dominating the World in terms of Military and Defense as the United States has done since the Second World War, and this has led to the USA becoming a Super Power.

In positioning yourself or your organization you are bound to achieve Peak Performance in the process, as that is what it takes to achieve World Class results. The Strategy of positioning for a Nation is the same for the Corporation as well as for the individual. If you are going to be successful, if you are going to be great, if you are going to be a Leader, you must first start with the determination, make your decision to be the best and then you must position yourself.

Just recently Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria was crowned as the new Emir of Kano. And whereas some people have celebrated this while there are others who have thrown a fete, the fact of the matter is that Sanusi Lamido set this goal of becoming the next Emir of Kano many years ago, he did not even hide it. He spoke about it as often as possible in many public places and set his sights on the price.

Then he started to position himself to get there, every action, every job and every move he made in the last ten years it would be fair to say was all part of the art of positioning in which this Master of the Game was carrying out his strategy of achieving his ultimate goal and for him his purpose in Life. He set his sights on the crown and he positioned to get it and he got it, simple and short. And that is what we all must learn, once you set your sights on the price the next thing you must do is to position yourself, it will take time and effort but I you are consistent you will get there.

If you are running a major corporation and your board has given you a goal or target to conquer a certain market segment or introduce a new product, what are you going to do? At this stage you have had the decision already made for you because you report to the board.

The next thing you must do is to position your product or your service in the hearts and minds of the people of the new market segment. A lot of companies carry out road shows and activations to get this done, whereas some spend a lot on advertising.

Some would just give things away for free in order to create buzz. The bottom line is that you must take steps that will lead you to the right position and that how to get to accomplish your goals.

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