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Predictions And Prophesies Are Not Same, By Innocent

By Apostle Kingsley Innocent
24 May 2015   |   2:20 am
Apostle Kingsley Innocent is the Senior Pastor of Bible Believing Mission Incorporated, Aba, Abia State. Innocent who claimed to have been a prophet from birth spoke with ANOTE AJELUOROU on some issues including what Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should do to make his administration succeed.

Apostle-Kingsley-Innocent-CopyWHAT are your expectations for the in-coming administration?
There are a lot of things to be done by the in-coming Buhari’s government. He is going to face a lot of challenges, but I believe the Lord will help him to tackle them. My only fear about the whole thing is the people around him.

It is one thing for a man to have good plans and another for him to have a team that shares his vision. If the people do not share his vision, all his efforts, at the end of the day, may not go as planned.

I want to trust God to help the president-elect choose men of character, who are zero-corrupt and who are into the vision of nation-building.

It is imperative he selects the right people and not bring the old elements that have plunged the nation into shame and disgrace over the years. If he chooses men who have the fear of God; selfless men, who have the interest of our nation at heart, then we are sure of getting somewhere.

If the in-coming president can deal with the issue of leadership, which is the main problem in the country, then we will make tremendous progress. It is because our leaders are corrupt that Nigerians are not enjoying what they should enjoy. Let Buhari put his ear to the ground and God will help him to choose men that will represent him well, because he cannot fight corruption alone. He cannot do it alone. Buhari should also tackle power shortage so that we can have 24 hours of electricity supply.

What is your view about pastors collecting bribe from politicians?
I am very worried, as well as ashamed. Ours is a place of the altar. The reason for this shameful act is that too many pastors are running to government houses. Let men of God sit down and do what God has called us to do, let us remain at the place of the altar.

We should stop running around government officials. It is a disgrace that money was given to ministers of God to mobilise votes. It is one story that should not be heard of the church. I feel so sorry for anyone who is involved in this act. It is ungodly and God is not part of it.

We are not politicians and the church is not political. We should rather pray for politicians and tell them the truth. A politician that would release money because he wants to be elected is simply telling us that he is not coming to do anything that will better the lot of the people.

When they spend money before getting into office, you can be sure they will want to recoup it. This is unacceptable, ungodly and the church should not allow it. The church should say no to it and stand against it, so that our nation can move forward the country developed like other countries.

Nigeria is inundated with fake prophesies from some clerics. What is your take on this?
I would say that predictions and prophesies are not the same. Predictions may fail, but prophesy may not because of the source. Predictions are mainly human, while prophesies are spiritual. How and when do you know a prophet? You don’t know a prophet at the point of his prophesy. You know him or her when the prophesy comes to pass. It is the fulfilment of the prophesy that will determine a true prophet.