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As you build that community


african-american-mother-and-son-1040-1024x394Much has been said about woman, the new woman who can build a whole tribe and nation. This appears to be a new awareness as the woman is making her presence felt more in building the nation. We have been encouraging the female gender to acquire more knowledge because, as the trainer, her offspring imbibe what she teaches them and would practice such when they grow; what they learn or did not learn due to deficiency of training would decide what they do as policy makers in government or in a corporate environment.

But as we the mothers especially want to take up this role of community builders, we want to remind us, however, that we have been involved in building our environment for a long time. Although her involvement may be described as passive, nonetheless the mother has been there, knee-deep as the one who carries the pregnancy, rears the babies and spends far longer time than their father.

However, we can also admit that we recognize the woman’s former handicap and the need to build a new and more stable society where the woman’s influence as the trainer is felt more than ever. The number one problem is that her gender has been viewed as inferior. Not even in the area of childcare that is thought to be her major role has she been praised or seen as deserving any pass mark at all. She should, therefore, be reminded that her presence should be felt in all aspects of life, not only making her contribution to the growth of the economy or politics.

In her dream community, she should remember that all the obstacles that made it difficult for her in the past are still around, it might be more difficult because she is dealing with set ideas and human beings who want their personal desires and would not give way without a little fight.

The belief that she should stay at home is still a major challenge on her way to complete economic emancipation.But why is the woman not wanted in the business environment? One simple answer is that like the nurturer that she is, she may come across unwholesome practices and, like a mother, she may want to put things right because she sees a long term disaster that would hurt all; so she cries out as she would do when her son does something wrong. The people who have been in this business would not like distraction or disruption-they will make it difficult for her to effect changes.

The Existing Community
With many believing that a woman should only be seen-not all the time- makes it tough to build because society still think that it is a man’s world. Having come this far, she must let it be known that God the Creator made the woman to be a part of his world and she must play her role as best as she could when she can. The woman does have limited physical power even though she is imbued with immense strength; she is training the children and the ones who have combined work outside the home are showing that it is possible.


But come to think of this; who trained sons to look down on daughters? The woman is the answer. But not to blame her; she felt that housekeeping was tedious enough, so she thought that the man could take care of the outside interest. The mistake was that he took all the powers for himself.

We may also blame mothers of sons for encouraging the society to see them as secure in marriage as against the discrimination against mothers of only daughters. You may have to stamp out the discrimination against the female gender, as one unappreciated female somewhere may still not be able to build the dream tribe. The failure could rip a hole in the total structure.

Luckily, as we groan and moan under the present economic hardship, the woman is venturing into business to see how her family, community, tribe and nation could survive. It may be said, therefore, that it would not have been this bad if she had been there from the beginning.

However, this reminds us that the woman only comes forward when the men seem not to be getting it right. In this war against corruption, it is important to note that few women have been fingered so far. It is not that a woman who is not so upright may not be tempted to do evil, but she will remember that a woman is judged doubly guilty and condemned twice more than a man.

But who reared the oh-so conscientious woman? Woman herself; she can train the man to be a bit considerate as she builds her new community because she cannot do without him. The Creator knows why they are in His world.As your son charges about the places and strides confidently along, teach him to be careful, that he could be crushing weaker beings unnecessarily.


Man Himself
The modern man is raised by woman; she could therefore be thought to have brought him up to see the community, tribe and a whole nation as his personal possession. Any human being who thinks in this way would rip and plunder, if he has not been told that it is wrong. In this new community, strive to carry him along. Make an environment where you work together in a mutual desire to keep a wholesome community.

Current Issues in the Society
Insurgency and unemployment may try your well-meant effort. Take insurgency for example, the case of Mallam Mohammed could make the heart bleed. On N70,000 salary a month; he takes care of a clan of internally displaced persons at his duty post. Unemployment, one sometimes wonders, if it might not send us back to the times of trade by barter. If more people are not earning money, there may not be cash to pay for goods and services.

What we are saying is that, to make this new community to work, you must also encourage the man to clean up any mess he may have left behind, be it in his way of parenting.

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