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Chinasa Trinitta Amadi


Dr Chinasa Amadi is a Russia-trained Medical doctor, UK Certified weight-loss coach, Nutritionist and a published Author of the No 1 Nigerian weight-loss book, Eat to Lose Weight. Her Passion for health and fitness led to the founding of Ariella Health and Fitness Limited, a company that combines the finest of clinical and lifestyle medicine to offer consultancy services on healthy living, weight loss and wholesome foods.

Because Ariella Fitness has pioneered online weight loss services, its personalised and group weight-loss programs have served thousands of women, men and even children in various countries around the globe including UK, Germany, Netherland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, USA, Ukraine, to mention but a few. And of course, served right here in Nigeria too. The company also works with corporate organisations to ensure the workforce remains fit and nimble by organising fun fitness routines and basic medical check-up.

What Problem Does Your Company Solve?
Ariella Fitness serves anyone interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Anyone interested in losing weight and being fit.


Describe your typical day
I wake at 5:00am, say prayers till 5.30 am and exercise for 15 minutes while preparing family meal. I head out at 6.30-6.45 am to work. I’m back home at 4:00/5:00pm, depending on the traffic. I do assignments with the kids, read stories, play a bit, then follow up on clients for the evening. I say night prayers at 7.30pm and get the kids to bed. Then I stay up to work or study till 11pm or 12:00am depending on my strength level.

What motivates you?
The thought of failure.

In one word, characterise your life as an entrepreneur

If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why?
Queen Amina of Zazzau. How she rose and held power in a city where women were not heard.

What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?
Have a written Plan. Listen to others. Check Pride! Keep your ego in check. Delegate to employees. Keep track of everything.

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Chinasa Trinitta Amadi
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