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How insecurity diminishes your self-esteem


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“Most of your fears do not exist; they are mere spectre that come to mess you up” A lot of women judge their strength, beauty and success by comparing themselves with other women of similar status or in the same age bracket. This triggers insecurity, fear and competition, especially when one discovers she is not measuring up as expected. Sometimes, we are intimidated by other people’s awesome profiles without knowing we are also a winner if we be ‘ourselves.’ Most women are guilty of this and it is the beginning their insecurities.

Insecurity reduces ones self-esteem, makes you resentful among colleague and feel inferior, even when you have all it takes to be a champion. This will in no time create some incompleteness, which will make you want to please people, reciprocating to their judgments and always want to worm your way into the hearts people around you. Struggling to achieve this will not only make you a faux, but also a queen in a fool’s paradise. So, live your true self, aspire for great heights and be happy with life.

Why some women feel insecure or jealous of others?
Every woman at some point feels incomplete and assumes the next woman whose life supposedly seems better has it all. She thinks younger women are getting all the attentions and gets uptight and insecure. The truth is you are as beautiful as you think and the moment you begin to compare yourself with others you begin to court trouble — feel gloomy. Be informed that most of your fears do not exist; they are mere spectre that come to mess you up.


The big question is, is it unusual to feel jealous? No! When does this feeling begin to diminish one’s self-esteem? When you become umbrageous about it. We should all try to be inspired by people instead of playing the ‘I don’t care who she is game.’ Being inspired by others will draw you closer to those better than you are, aside giving you the opportunity to improve on yourself.

Women, we have to start telling ourselves the truth. You cannot all the time be the best, as there will certainly be others that are better than you are; this is where acceptance and learning come in handy. First accept yourself just the way you are, if you feel threatened by others, try to substitute your intimidation with admiration, this will help to turn your vulnerability to strength.

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