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In pressing for progress, women should volunteer and get chances to build their dreams career


PHOTO: Women of Rubies

It breaks my heart when they say, “The higher you go in a career, the fewer women there are”. It might be apt but it can be changed. While we strive for fair treatment, we should be able to not just talk the talk but also think the think and walk the walk.

Women have for a long time been perceived as people that are never sure of what they want except their love for monetary enablement but before you set out in pursuit of all the money in the universe, it is always good to know what you want and can persist in for a long time. Learn to find out what you can do for a lifetime without getting tired or bored. A few women I know that have found this, are floating in value and fulfillment. We all have this in us, just find yours. 
When you find it, start improving in it. I said in it not improve it, (two different things). Don’t try to improve it when you are not yet into it. How do even sit in a place and hope to build a career. Surfing the net and browsing about it is synonymous to opening a pot of soup, you have to serve it before you can eat it. A HR consultant once stressed at a career fair that there are opportunities in firms but no qualified candidates to fill the gaps because experiences play a major role in recruitment processes.

To increase your social and relationship skills in a career as well as learn valuable job skills, you have to find a place where they do what you are passionate about and offer to serve and learn. It must not really be what you studied in school or what you are presently doing. Nobody will tell you no, unless you ask for pay. These people actually need hands but most times don’t have resources to gratify them. With your input and value, I am sure the resources will be just enough to accommodate you on the long run because no service comes without a payback plus you will end up bagging all the experiences and contacts you need to excel in your career as well as getting retained.


People depreciate when there are idle. They become stagnant. Do not just dream, you have to get up and chase them. While chasing in this part of the world, you will do a whole lot of bending and adjusting just to fit in. These adjustments also include working with no pay. Make a move and be useful. The corrections and training is worth it unless you are a piece of land that sits in a place and appreciates. I’m sure you are not. You have to find something you can do for a lifetime without getting bored and tired. It can be anything. There’s dignity in service.

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