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The men have replied…


This is actually a sequel to the article titled The Sisters Are Complaining. I received very interesting responses from the men on the issue.
Read on…

. “An average Nigerian woman is uncomfortably aware of her body. They don’t know how to let go and enjoy what’s before them. When they are not slapping off your advances with a ‘leave me alone’, they are instructing you to turn off the light or you are squeezing in through their half-opened legs. Such drama is exactly what most men don’t want to deal with. The last thing on a man’s mind when he is seeking an ‘outlet’ is what you think of your body. A sexy woman is not the slim or plus size one but one who is comfortable in her own skin and shows it. Nigerian women should stop pretending about sex, if you want it-open legs wider for him. Guide him to the places that excite you.’’

. “A neat woman is a complete turn-on. I can never understand why any woman will carry her hairdo for several weeks. Thereby shoving an unwashed hair up a man’s nostril-every time he comes close. I had to tell my woman that I prefer her in a low cut. Even if you are not acrobat on bed…your cleanliness alone will be a turn-on for any man. A good bath and fresh breath are enough. A dab of very light fragrance is okay but nothing heavy or it becomes overpowering. Some of us still want to perceive (as much as possible) the natural ‘aroma’ of that place.’’


. ‘’Sex is to be enjoyed in marriage and not to be endured. But a lot of women don’t make it enjoyable for their husbands. You have to beg and beg and beg. Before she reluctantly allows you in. While in the act, instead of whispering dirty things to you or praising your efforts, she is complaining about family matters, children’s school fees that have not been paid. Oby, can you imagine such a woman? Would you now blame a man that prefers to go where he will get maximum enjoyment? Tell women that sex calms us men down. And it is tempting to go where maximum enjoyment is assured. When in the act, focus completely on pleasuring. Allow yourself as well as your man to enjoy it. Discuss whatever it is that you want afterwards. That is why ‘cuddling’ should be a ‘post love-making session’.”

. “Love making for a woman, does not really start once couples retire to their room at night. You have to act nice all day, call from office to check on her, get home early to help with some domestic chores, clean up yourself, smell nice and be ready to gossip with her. Getting the woman’s mood right for that explosive sex is a tedious process for most men. And if a man steps out of line on this tedious process, many women get angry and may not forgive till the next day. As a result, many men prefer not to bother. Many busy men easily ‘gas out’ along the line and the wife calls them boring. Can you believe many men are scared to initiate sex for fear of being turned down for reasons as mundane as forgetting to buy bread for breakfast? Many times, the other woman sets herself in the mood without waiting for a man to activate her over a period of 12 to 24 hours.”


. “Many women need to up their bedroom games. Those ladies outside go the extra mile to get their ‘catch’. Truth is, many of them prefer married men. But our married Sisters relax. Many of them give more attention to the children and their jobs. And instead of working on themselves…they seek solutions in the church. Sex has no alternative in marriage.’’

. “There are women that just can’t be with one man. It is in their DNA. Even if you become a porn star, spend all you can, romance all you can, they will still ‘do’ anyone that pleases them. Again, why would any woman let herself get grossly out of shape? Two laps joined together –obstructing ‘entry’. Before the man could raise one of her legs up, he would be sweating all over. And you still want him to take you to the moon and back when half of his strength is already spent?’’

. “Most married women are boring. The other woman plans, plots and is ready to tantalize the man. But not married women. You can’t touch them. They are either tired, have headache or plain don’t feel like it. The moment they have their children… it is then time for the men to start begging for it. They promote adultery by this attitude.’’


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