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We know una #NaDem


Up until last week, #Nadem hadn’t even come up anywhere in our communal radar and now you can’t scroll a few flicks of your thumb before stumbling on yet another #Nadem post.

No one quite knows how this social media craze started and by whom, and I am none the wiser, but this doesn’t make it any less fun to read through such clever digs at both sexes and their dodgy behaviour patterns.

With both ordinary folk and celebrities jumping on the trend, there’splenty of good material too.


Most recently Ariko Johnson, an Internet personality, actor and engineer also made some few posts of his own:

“I don’t ve s*x on the first date…Dem dey everywhere”.

“Can I get a takeaway for my friend…na still dem o”.

“Not today pls, I’m on…na dem plenty pass”.

OAP nad public speaker Oma Hummer tweeted:

“Come and work for free! We won’t pay you but we are giving you a platform

Women were using the hashtag to comment on shady male behaviour:

“Dear Ladies,

When ever your man picks a call and starts pressing the volume key down, it’s her.

That’s your deputy


“’I’m staying at eko hotel but I’m checking out soon, can you come and meet me at a 4k a night hotel at oshodi?’

Na dem!


“’I like natural women’ meanwhile in the dms begging slay queens with antelope eyelashes,30″ horse hair,ynash to send nudes #NaDem”

“The moment I saw you, I said to myself ‘Mama can not say no to this one’ #NaDem”

“Babe, Just send me your nude pic.. I am very ‘horny’ right now,, Honestly It would be between me and you.

#NaDem be dis o.

Run for your life! JAPA jor!

FREEZE all ungodly conversation.”


“Almost 50 and yelling ‘where dem bitches at’ Niccur your daughter is “dem bitches” now. #NaDem”

And men of course were calling out #nadem ladies:

“Baby I don’t like food, But when you see Menu u dey shout I’ll have 1 3 6 9, My Brother Na Dem o

“My phone is having issues. I can’t make video calls on it.

My brother, what are you waiting for? Japa

“He is my bestie. We’ve been friends from pregnancy days.

Hey bro, #naDem”

“Now that you women have learnt all our skills through #NaDem trend.

Dear kings, retreat, Month end we meet for new skills ”


Some were posting on the way #nadem marketed goods:

“This soap does not bleach It will only make your skin soft It will make your skin glow It just tones your skin #NaDem”

“They are celebrating their birthday and they have another account for their business.

Happy birthday to the CEO M4kadope Collections. (Small small CEO)

We know Una #NaDem”

“IG slay queens Starter Pack

Unique sharp blur’ photo editing, pose with car, fine gate, door etc…
And finally caption “ the more you love the more you learn, stop waiting for others to celebrate you, set goals ” #NaDem”

“It’s not a scam,it’s real, it’s not MMM, it’s a fast online modern corporative. Pay 13k & cash out 104k within a few hours.” – My brother run oooooo, #nadem”

Some even got political:


They won’t take responsibility for anything but want to be praised for doing nothing…

@APCNigeria na una!”

“If billions can be earmarked for incoming senators while is the minimum wages a problem – I guess the law is for the lawmakers not for the masses #NaDem #SayHerNameNigeria #NeverGiveUp”

“Come back home and invest in your country… #NaDem”

“We are doing more with less, Nigeria has become self sufficient in agriculture… #NaStillDem”

“We won the election and it was the freest and fairest election ever, bros #nadem”

Then of course there were the truth tellers:

“Somewhere right now, a girl who’s been posting #Nadem all day is in the arms of a guy listening to the same lines she’s been posting against and getting carried away.”

“Na dem! Na Dem!! But the fact is Na Dem you go still marry

“You see all these people posting #NaDem quotes upandan…, #NaDem!”

“In the end, ALL OF US #NaDem”

Who knows how long this social trend will last? But for now, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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