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Why worry when you can think


How unfamiliar can it be to behold life as one thing and than it suddenly becomes another thing? In most cases you barely have control over each metamorphosis. Situations they say are major determinants of self-reactions. But this is a something that can be corrected.

With all the bad things that external forces bring to the human mind, it is hard to streamline and not to worry about them.Every single time you become conscious of your immediate environment, it becomes so hard not to think of your situations. Do not get me wrong, its good to think about your problems, it only becomes a burden when you think and dwell on them in your “depressed mind”.

The act of not just thinking of where you want to be in the future but also living in it right inside your mind makes it easier to adapt and be more content with where you are heading. By living in your future, I mean, a mental representation of how you want your life to turn out in the nearest future. It feels better to think about the brighter side of things. A depressed mind today is the mind that worried about yesterday.


Thinking can either be a help or a hindrance said Dr. Marcus Raichle of Harvard University. Raichle stated that the constant chatter of subconscious thoughts that are on replay in our minds could lead to disease if they are negative, or success if they are positive. His findings also showed that those who were able to effectively adjust into their subconscious thoughts and channel positive wills were more successful and better in life. Thinking becomes a hindrance when you worry about your thoughts.

Note that worrying depicts a negative and an unsound mind. A problem can only be solved by a sound mind preceded by an active body, that is, you think about it. The solution and then get up and work it out.

Do not forget that while you are dying over your own problems, someone is dreaming and wishing to be where you are. No matter how horrible you think your environment is, try to create an internal sense of humor to keep fun alive; this can be done by consciously reminiscing on your previous funny experiences.

If you can develop a passion from your disturbed environment, spend your time researching and living in your passion, drain yourself for it, loose your sleep for it sometimes, fail and get up still in it, that way you become too busy to notice even the happenings around your environment.


Living in your mind is your greatest escape from societal and environmental menace. There are one million situations that call for depression and self-hate, both which can lead to suicide as witnessed in this part of the world. Troubles and hardships are totally inevitable, you barely have control over the changes that occur in your life rather your self-control and ownership over each change makes a whole lot of difference in your healing process.

Most people do not make their own decision rather they let their environment decide for them, this means one thing: you do not own yourself, you only own your body but your mind is totally not yours, it belongs to your hard times, your troubles and perhaps your happy moments, if you ever remember you had any. If the above applies to you, then you better start working for a change of mind because bad Situations are only there for you to act upon not to kill you.
You are not to let your body react before your mind, allow your mind-set get the glimpse of every moment first and then your body can react in accordance to what you aspire to get out of every moment.

It is going to take a whole lot of mind building processes to be a master of your environment but this is the only way we can have less angry and depressed people. It takes time to achieve mind ownership but when you eventually do, you become your own lord. Your sound mind is the safest container of your body and your environment.

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