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Fire outbreak in Ayede-Ogbese



The debris after the fire

Destroys fashion design equipment and property 

INFERNO broke out last Wednesday night at Ayede-Ogbese, in Akure North Local Council of Ondo State, destroying fashion design equipment and property worth N800, 000.

The Guardian learnt that the shop became combustible and erupted into wildfire around midnight.

Night crawlers noticed the explosion and raised alarm in the neighbourhood to put out the fire and save nearby shops and buildings.

According to an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity, they heard the combustible sound and called out to the people of the town, who jumped out of their beds to scamper for water to douse the conflagration.

They also pulled down the structure so as to avert further spread to adjoining buildings.

The debris and glowing embers at the scene the next morning on No 16, Ilemo Street, in a very decrepit state, pointed to the fact that several valuable materials were destroyed in the unfortunate incident, whose cause was still a mystery to everyone in the community.

Raheem Sikiru, the fashion designer and victim of the sudden fire outbreak, who left his shop around 9: 00pm that fateful day, got devastated when he received a call at home that his shop had been gutted by fire and all his properties burnt to ashes.

He told The Guardian that he lost many valuables such as the Tico Designer Machine worth N65, 000, 20 E designing machine, Zig-zag designing machine, two sewing machines and numerous textile materials for sale and those belonging to his customers.

Raheem, an employer of labour, who had more than four apprentices working for him, lamented that he left his hometown, Osogbo, in Osun State to establish in Ayede-Ogbese and all his 14 years hard labour and hard-earned savings have been gutted by fire in one night.

Samuel Abraham, a photographer whose shop is adjacent to the burnt down shop, said he received a phone call about the fire incident around 5: 00am.

He wondered what could have caused the incident since nobody was sleeping in the shop to have lit a candle and, as others claimed, there was no light in the town that time that would have suggested the possibility of power surge.

Speaking with The Guardian, Raheem appealed to the state government, institutions, philanthropic organisations and individuals to come to his rescue as the fire had burnt down all he had worked for in the past 14 years.

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  • Sal Yarima

    This is a ridiculous article. If Nigeria cannot export oil, what stops Nigeria from building refineries and supplying the African continent? Nigeria can create its own African market instead of relying on Western economies and their Shale Oil nonsense which is an environmental disaster. Let the Western countries destroy their homes with Shale oil. What Nigeria needs now is not the so called Subsidy removal but building of New Refineries. The Chinese are good at building engineering feats. Pay them in Oil just like we did with Julius Berger in the early days of construction.

    Tweaking the price of petroleum has never industrialized a country. It has always destroyed and impoverished the people. Made business too expensive to run. Imagine a manufacturer of shoes paying hundreds of thousands of Naira every month to buy gasoline for his generator or pay for electricity. Add that to the expensive cost of transporting products and all factories in Nigeria will close.

    IMF agents have established themselves in the Nigerian economy always coming up with ridiculous proposals. How many times did China remove subsidy and follow IMF policies to become great? Answer never. The reason China is great today is because they turned their backs on the IMF when the IMF was pushing for the same policies like it has been doing in Nigeria for the last 25 years. Nigeria does not progress because of these stupid policies designed to keep Nigeria on her knees never to stand up.

    I like to quote the statement made by a Chinese official during an IMF meeting many years ago when the IMF was pushing the same policies in Nigeria on China. The Chinese official explained why it would not be a good thing for China to follow IMF policies but as usual the IMF agents well dressed looked smart insisted the only option for China was to follow its policies. The member of the Chinese delegation with his smart look turned to the IMF agents on TV and said “WHAT IF WE CREATE OUR OWN IMF” That was the end of that meeting. You could see the pain in the eyes of the IMF officials. The Chinese are now great and practically own the American economy based on the One trillion Dollars they loaned the USA. Forget about the other billions of Dollars owned by the Chinese all over. This is what happens when you turn your back on the IMF, you begin to grow as a country and become the bank of the West.