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I owe nobody explanation for my failure in Beijing, says Okagbare


False dawn... Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor (right) beat Australia’s Melissa Breen and other challengers in the heat of the 100m women race before yesterday’s final in which she placed last. PHOTO: AFP.

False dawn… Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor (right) beat Australia’s Melissa Breen and other challengers in the heat of the 100m women race before yesterday’s final in which she placed last. PHOTO: AFP.

Amata, Oke revive Nigeria’s medal hope

BEIJING 2015 IAAF World Championship 100m finalist, Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor, says she owes nobody any explanation for her poor performance at the championship.

Okagbare, who was Nigeria’s medal hope in the championship, finished last in the 100m race and failed to show up for the 200m event on Wednesday.

Her decision to suddenly stay away from the 200m race did not go down well with some Nigerians back home, especially when the athlete had earlier showed up at the warm up area.

An analysis by one Nigerian newspaper (not The Guardian) on her no show in the 200m race is not going down well with Okagbare, who fought back yesterday.

“As for the snakes blowing the trumpet and wishing I have tested positive on drugs, keep wishing on your own downfall because I am so more than what, a foolish journalist, critics, haters and those who call me Warri instead of Nigeria when I don’t win is made of,” an angry Okagbare said on her facebook account yesterday.

She continues: “I am self motivated, confident and work hard, which I am extremely proud of and, I owe no one an explanation win or lose. Not everyone, who open their mouth (sic) to talk or write with a pen in the name of journalism, have their sanity intact and they know themselves,” Okagbare added.

However, Okagbare’s outburst is generating mixed reactions back home, especially within the media circle. While some say Okagbare’s attack on journalists was uncalled for considering what the Nigerian media had done for her, some simply called on the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) to call her to order.

“What Okagbare posted on her facebook wall today is very bad and harsh on journalists,” one journalist protested. “Somebody should caution her. She is not the first superstar athlete in Nigeria. Mary Onyali, Falilat Ogunkoya, Endurance Ojokolo, Mercy Nku and others rose to the top and never abused anyone. Enough is enough,” the journalist stated.

The President of AFN, Solomon Ogba told The Guardian on phone from Beijing yesterday that they decided to pull Okagbare out from the 200m race in the interest of Nigeria.

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  • Adaku Achilike

    Okagbere, You owe all Nigerians big explanations. You took our money, passport, name, etc there and you failed. There is nothing wrong in failure but arrogance does not help. You explained when you won and we gave you gifts and hosted you, but now you failed, you think you woe us no explanation – not that easy so rethink.

  • Ify Onabu

    After benefiting from public funds in training and sponsorship, this little brat says she does not owe anybody any explanation? That’s the height of arrogance and irresponsibility. The truth is that she is NOT a world class athlete. So Blessing must stop posing! Our former Governor Dr Uduaghan used her as a PR material. Now, the bubble is burst.

    • Olu

      Uduaghan helped her not Nigeria. Imagine the journalist saying Okagbare of Warri. Of course she is of Warri cos Warri helped her not Nigeria as a whole so she does not owe Nigeria anything. We reap what we sow.

      Have u cared to know why she failed? Do you know she was injured before the World Champs? I feel for the girl and will support her if she switches to run for another country because Nigerians are just funny people at understanding what people are going through.

      What have we really done for the girl? No billboard, no real endorsement, no adverts pouring in. She owes only those who really supported her an apology. FACT. We keep spending money on football and expect other sports to do well. CRAZY Nation.

  • Khalid Ibn Khabeer

    I hate it when people in one position or other think they are doing favour to someone, in the first place if there is no athlete there will be no an obligation for journalist to serve the purpose u are paid a Nigerian mentality to owe obligation for doin a job you signed for.did u ever find out why or reason behind what make her lose?no sane sportman sign up to lose,,did find out

  • Okeke

    Pride goes before a fall, so-called Blessing could turn to a Curse with pride. What an arrogance after disgracing the nation who founded your training for years and with whose passport you went to Beijing! We thought you had a future, but watch it before it too late.

    • 5rancis_Canad5

      Try my brother to empathize with one going thru some hard times . What you saw was actually a child who is crying because she’d the Nation a lot . It’s this indebtedness that ironically made her to throw those jabs especially in reaction to some journalist who were insinuating may she suspected she do be caught on drugs …so she backed out. Her reaction was really sharp but it was a reaction. We should condem the action of the journalist. N calling blessing of warri not of Nigeria. Just not a good journalism

    • Olu

      Hello. Do you think Nigeria funded her training??? In your dreams. The girl used her money for most of her training. Nigeria only pays after they have spent all their money. Why do u think Nigerians are leaving to run for other Countries? Even when they pay them its stipend in comparison to what they have spent. Most do it for share patriotism. I know this for a fact because my cousin ran for Nigeria for years and Okagbare has also complained sev times about this.

      What have we really done for the girl? No billboard, no real endorsement, no adverts pouring in. She owes only those who really supported her an apology. FACT. We keep spending money on football and expect other sports to do well. CRAZY Nation.

  • sollyboy

    Sorry Lady, you owe the Nation an apology…. arrogance begets a fall. You did not fund your training nor your trip to Beijing yourself. So, you owe those who made it possible for you to be there to participate an unreserved apology for poor performance or you forever hold your peace…..

    • Emiko

      True Talk!


    babe though i know hw u feel now especially whn someone is puting his or her effort in a work nd some wicked ones there scndalizing your name .so pls calm down and go to GOD in prayers to reveal the cause and to xpose the truth .bt dont give up.

  • marginalize

    Okay, then do not ask for our prayers when next you go for future competitions. Typical character and speech.. Brawn with no brains. Please my advice to Okagbare is to emulate the humility of those other great athletes who have always come out tops in these international competitions. Pride goeth before a fall and indeed you have fallen in Beijing

  • Ekanem Uffiah

    Lol! 2 owe,is an understatement. Nigerians deserve an apology 4 dat insult. Be watchful of wht proceeds out of Ur lips whn being upset ok.

  • Olakante

    Nigerians are very good at criticizing other people not minding how much energy and effort these guys put in to get to that level. Is not enough to sit down and write nonsense because we have the privilege of a job in a media house. If you think it is easy come out and compete. Working at a media house does not debar anyone from competing in sports. It is mainly the empty barrels that make the most noise. She did not qualify to compete based on Nigerian quota system but by hard work and winning in other competitions. Therefore if for any reason she did not perform well in her last outing, she should not be crucified. otherwise that so called journalist should go and compete with her and represent Nigeria. Silly criticism.

  • amador kester

    Good point but may i ask : who sent you to beijing? Who paid the bill? What nation did you represent? You owe explanatiion to these if they are involved.A final note; nigeria should not be distracted and diverted by sports eccentricities.It has ruined ghana which could have been a great natiion.Nigeria must not lose focus.Its time to privatize the sports apparatus now

  • Babalakin

    Well, from the medal table, Kenya is 1st, then the USA and Jamica, Nigeria is not on the medal table of 28 positions. We must speak beyond just one athlete. A lot of us never expected much from the team. The gang of bad administrators is responsible for our bad performance across board. Actually we need to ask the officials why she did not come out for the 200 meters and not herself. Was she given exemption because of medical or psychological reasons? We (I inclusive) must all wake us as Nigerians and especially our leaders.

  • Sunshine

    That was a rude remark saying you do not owe anybody any explanation but the whole country supports you.