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President-elect considers only 19 ministries




May announce some personal aides before Friday

AS part of measures to reduce the cost of governance, the incoming administration of Muhammadu Buhari may retain only 19 ministries from the present 31.

Consequently, most of the candidates being considered for the federal executive council (FEC) will end up as ministers of state, after all.
Besides, the president-elect is said to be considering the feasibility of announcing his Chief of Staff, Principal Secretary and a handful of Special Advisers before Friday so that there can be some semi-official interface between the outgoing government and the incoming one in the context of handing over of tangible assets in the State House.
The Guardian was told last night that there is one mind in all policy advisory committee members that the number of the ministries should be pruned to about twenty as part of over-all strategy to reduce high cost of governance in Abuja.

It was learned that the cost-of-governance-reduction strategy is not by intuition or a flash in the pan as various advisory committees of the new governing Party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) have been considering the new deal for some time.
Besides, The Guardian confirmed that President-elect, Buhari, is fully persuaded too that he would not be able to deliver on promises without shedding the weight of the federal bureaucracy and indeed the number of ministries and agencies of government that consume the more than 70 per cent of the federal budget through the recurrent expenditure instrument.
The Guardian was told too that the Stephen Oronsaye’s report of 2012, a comprehensive blueprint on the fundamentals of reduction of cost of governance has become handy for the technocrats crafting working papers for the in-coming administration.

It was gathered too that the former Head of Service, Oronsaye, has been consulted on the report details that the outgoing administration has failed to implement.

Specifically, Ahmed Joda, chairman of the transition committee of the APC has collected a copy of the Oronsaye panel report from the former Principal Secretary/Permanent Secretary State House, (Oronsaye) himself. The former Permanent Secretary, Finance confirmed the development on telephone last night.
In the same vein, a retired federal permanent secretary, who was pioneer director-general the federal government’s reform bureau, has just completed a book in which a cost-of-governance reduction strategy too is a major chapter. Specifically, the book on the expediency of radical reform of the civil service recommends 18 ministries, among other features that the advisers of the APC and the president-elect are said to have adopted. The book, which will be publicly presented in June this year is said to have raised some dust on so many other issues including the tenure policy that Oronsaye’s regime as head of service adopted; the office of the First Lady and even the controversial designation of “Coordinating Minister for the Economy”.

The Guardian was told that the author of the book on reform too has spoken to the Joda Committee on the policy thrust of the administration, which is likely to touch on the quality
Federal bureaucracy.
Meanwhile, The Guardian gathered from well-placed sources close to the president elect’s men that the expediency of getting some vital information pieces from the outgoing president’s men may compel him to name a few personal aides ahead of inauguration. Sources said to us last night that the president-elect is concerned about paucity of information about certain issues that need to be physically inspected before taking over, although the handing over notes were submitted on Monday to the Ahmed Joda’s transition committee by the outgoing vice president, Namadi Sambo.

Concerns have been raised about how the Buhari’s imminent administration can implement a constitutional provision that stipulates a minister per state (36 states & Abuja) within the context of reducing ministries to less than 20. But legal experts have noted that the constitution does not state that there should be 36 ministries to cover the 36 ministerial nominees.

As an insider put it to this newspaper last night: “In the APC’s administration that Buhari will run from Friday, there will be more ministers of state. According to a reform agenda that the Yar’Adua’s government put in place, all ministers are equal: ministers are ministers and their remuneration package should be uniform. The Obasanjo’s administration had on the eve of departure in 2007 reduced federal ministries to19. But the Yar’Adua’s administration reversed the policy and returned to the status quo.
In the new deal being considered, there may be the following structure as examples of merger of ministries:
1.   Ministry of Interior (to include Police Affairs)
2.   Ministry of Transportation (to include Works, Aviation, Railways, Waterways/Transport
3.   Agriculture & Water Resources, etc.
4.   Ministry of Information, Youth Development & Culture
5.   Ministry of Trade, Investment & Tourism, etc.

Niger Delta Ministry may be replaced with Ministry for Regional Development. Women Affairs, Special Duties may be scrapped.

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  • omolaja

    No more awoof. The politicians that have no job should stay clear from Aso Rock. The new landlord has said it loud and clear. No ambiguity.

  • Matthews

    they know now. Nigeria is better off.

  • imperialebony

    Hahahahaha . Change is coming oooooooooooo . I’m loving this man! God bless nigeria. This is what were saying! The fear of buhari, the beginning of wisdom…gbam!

    • Ralf

      This shows how stupid, uninformed n myopic u are….Do u think tht putting or shrinking all these ministries to few is d best…??…This will create inefficiency n one or two individuals can never run four agencies at d same time….Whn u grow in this modern time, economically, u dnt put all your mecineries in one….USA, Japan , China, Brasil, Mexico, n Asian emerging economies did not shrink its agencies like this…Except if u can employ super robots to do human jobs, which i know tht Nigeria has not gone to tht level yet, since Nigeria cnt hv a two hrs uninterrupted electricity…Think n dnt b carried away sheepishly abeg..

      • ola

        Bros, you can make your point without insults. There is a lot of redundancy in government administration in Nigeria. The civil service is robust enough to run the ministries. Nigeria doesn’t need 36 ministers to run the government.

        • Ralf

          For your mind…U r entitled to your opinion bt d question is how right n effective such view is or would be…Wht Nigeria needs is not wht they are doing. ..The guy below suggested one of d best thing to do…Nigeria must mke d cost of runnin both houses low…It must b a thing of honor in service for all both houses members…National honors must b awarded to them after good services at d end of their tenure….These honors n titles can b in form of govt bonds, redeemable whnever they want in their life time or after they, ve gone….We shld learn how to put Nigeria first in everything…Here in d USA, pple serve in d military for honors bt these politicians cares abt their pockets…Even all office holders, governors, president must remove their immunity clauses, its all junks tht leads to all d ills tht we see in governance wit regards to Nigeria..

          • usabram

            Ralf the question if the resources interms of fund can support the current ministerial structure

      • God’s Judgement

        Why insulting people for expressing his candid views about on-going issues. Important to note that he is a citizen of Nigeria and had every right to express his views. It seems to me that there are many peoples on our roads that need to be confined to dementia treatments. Common sense must prevail in everything we do. How can you call your fellow citizen stupid for expressing his views on national issue, which he is entitled to do so. We need to tolerate and accept our individual differences if we are serious about moving our country forward.

      • 4betternaija

        same goes to u that doesn’t know usa has only 15 secretaries(ministers in naija) and they have 50 states, all secreties are efficient.

        • Ralf

          I know tht d USA got 16 not 15 departments bt u cnt compare d USA wit under developed Nigeria…Im not saying tht such move may not b necessary bt my point is tht d cost of runni g d, two houses legislative n senate is very high…They must start frm there…Read all my views again..Dnt focus on d USA, Japan etc mentioned in my writeup only..

      • UO

        Check your facts instead of insulting people. The USA, the largest economy in the world, only has 19 Departments (ministries). If this report is true then Buhari is doing the right thing.

        • Ralf

          Yes, thts not my view at all, dnt focus on d USA, Japan etc…My point is tht we are not yet computerized like those developed countries n shrinking ministries are not really wht gonna save money for Nigeria , ordinary Nigerians who works in these ministeries will loose their jobs,rather ,mkn d services rendered by all these “Siddon dey chop ” houses of assemblies, legislative n senate must b curtailed by mkn theirs services to receive govt bonds after their tenures which is redeemable during their after service in any of d houses..Read d whole of my suggestions plez…

          • UO

            Check how countries developed and you will find they didn’t have many ministries/minsters like Nigeria does. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding founder of the modern Singapore, had only eight ministers in his cabinet. Can you imagine that, eight minsters compared to Nigeria’s 42? It has nothing to do with computerization, Singapore wasn’t computerised during Lee Kuan Yew’s time.

        • jae pete

          USA run a confederacy where each state is an autonomous entity and has enormous powers to run its affairs without federal interference, security /law enforcement, ports,power, petroleum etc are run by state govt. hence USA can have 10 federal ministry and still be effective since they are not running everything, unlike Nigeria where everything is run by the FG. Be careful what you wish for!

          • UO

            Having a small government at the centre in the US has nothing to do with the federation system, it is just common sense. In any case, look into the size of the US state governments and you’ll see they are also small compared to Nigeria’s. Take California for example, it is the 4th largest economy in the world, even bigger than Nigeria, but it has only about 14 departments. I gave you the example of Singapore that isn’t a federation but Lee Kuan Yew only had about 8 ministers. Nigeria has no business having such a monstrous government and legislature.

          • Eroli Reuben

            Why do we make comparison without a full understanding. Like the contributor said USA has delegated more than half the govt functions to its states, cities and counties. The states and counties eg. Runs the welfare, petroleum, hospitals, schools, roads, police, most courts and most prisons, most health care systems, automobile, seaports, airports, agriculture, most environmental compliance.
            That’s why the federal government in the USA can use less than 20 departments, mind you each of the USA federal ministry employs more than the entire civil service population in Nigeria.
            In California Los Angeles County alone employs over 80,000 workers with a budget of 80 billion a year. The City of Los Angeles has over 30,000 workers with a budget of over 30 billion a year. The Los Angeles Schools District with a budget of over 25 billion a year employs over 20 thousand workers. The State of California itself has over 60 ,000 workers with a budget of over 150 billion a year.
            The USA has the inefficient, yet necessary Welfare system whereby the Government pays the rent, food, health care, school feeding and transportation for its citizens whose incomes falls below a certain threshold…at the cost of over 800 billion a year.

            The Nigerian government should leave the civil servants alone, but instead focus on the leakages caused by corruption, inflated contracts, political corruption wherein the public officials awards themselves public contracts and outright theft of public funds. Retrain the police and public workers to improve productivity.

          • Tt

            The Civil servants cannot be left alone; they are partners in crime with our politicians. The inefficiencies in the Civil Service is outrageous! Monies allocated for these ministries are embezzled also by the Civil servants, not Politicians alone. People are just employed to do nothing! Have you been to a civil service lately??? What you see is groups of people gisting, eating, sharing banter with no value to add!Some of them don’t go to work more than 3days in a week. 3-4 people doing what one person can conveniently do. So what are we talking about?? They complain about wages, last time I recollect if you are not satisfied you can resign; but they will never! Because of the over 400% of their salary that they get in bribes and allocation(money sharing). Lets look at issues objectively.

          • ken

            Just a point of correction, Singapore is smaller than every state in Nigeria, so don’t use them as an example, they can’t really be a federation and 8 ministers is enough

          • leonardsonyekwere

            USA is not a confederacy, USA is a Federation with fiscal federalism. At some point in her history, there was a rebellion by the Confederate Southern States but they lost to the federalist in the civil war that followed and were readmitted to the union. So, the center is not weak like in a Confederate System but it is not as powerful as a Unitary System which is actually what Nigeria is running at the moment.

      • Ijustneedchange

        Pleas tell how many ministers USA and British have?

      • Tt

        Why the insult? No need for that. The truth is GMB is doing the best. half of all ministries we have are not needed truth be told. They are just duplicating efforts, providing employment for people who are adding no value. If you visit these ministries you will know what we are talking about. Plus if you make use of Info tech you will discover you can actually do more with 19 ministries than the current 36.

      • Ralf

        Tribe? ?..Noway, bt if u said so, let it be…Look, in this world its only fools n myopic lots tht will not b able to see wht might happen nxt…Are u blind, brainless or wht??..Which one??

      • Yamah Ismail

        Hey bingo ralf, wen they wre splited of what benefit wre they?

        • Ralf

          Is your useless fathers name ralf??..Hehehe

    • Election

      Tree is falling, monkey is laughing.

  • Amechi

    Whatever needs to be done, should be done to rescue the country of economic turmoil. We pray for the incoming administration for God’s safeguard.

  • Eugene Okonkwo

    Sounds seemingly good

  • Babalakin

    God bless Nigeria. I see it as cheap when retired high ranking public servant or former minister and the likes recommends radical solutions to our problem as a country only when they have left office. I see them as weak because they could have implemented the radical solutions when they where in office and not to start talking now.

    I hope the president will also look at the pay package of all public elected officers. We bleed as a country from the payments to elected officers.

  • Opezy

    this is just the beginning of the end so to say, my prayer is that may God sustain and protect this messiah of our time

  • ismael

    Sir, with respect it’s good to move interior ministry to police affairs. Sir but Nigeria security and civil defence corps is good if their march with defence because of they name (Security & defence.)

  • Dieter Chipalo
  • ade

    Please reduce the Presidential Airfleet to 1 jet liner. In addition please slash the Jumbo pay of legislators to sitting fees. Mandate state governments and ministtries to stop purchasing multimillion naira imported Jeeps and saloon cars for official cars and instead buy locally assembled automobiles. After 1 year of these cost cutting measures, do the arithmetic difference and let Nigerians know how much you would have saved.

  • Okafor

    Laughing already? Don’t because more civil servants will lose their jobs. Buhari did it military head of state, sacking civil servants with immediate effect. We are watching!

  • Lenz

    The article did not explain how they will have 19-20 ministers and still account for the constitutional provision of a minister for every state; i.e. 36 ministers. They’ve said the rest will be “Ministers-of-State.” Okay, and how will this work? Will the “Ministers-of-State” besides the first 19-20 be ministers without a substantive ministry? Yet still receive the remuneration of a minister? How then will that save money?

    • YK

      It is a simple arithmetic, have you not heard minister of state for power, finance as well as substantive ministers in such ministries? This tells you if we end up having minister and minister of state per ministry the constitutional provisions would have been met. Or simply multiply 19 by 2 and tell me what you get. This is not a rocket science bro.

      • Lenz

        You did not answer or understand my question.

        I understand that you can gave a Minister and then 2 or 3 Ministers-of-State for a substantive Ministry. That is not the issue.

        My question is if you have this arrangement how then are you saving costs? The whole point is to not only reduce the size of government but also reduce the overall wage-bill — and you are still going to have 36 ‘Ministers’ — remuneration and all– albeit, with 19-20 Minisitries…

        • Lenz

          Ultimately, my point is this: if there is a way (I’m saying IF because I’m not a lawyer) to effectively have just 19-20 Ministers for 19-20 Ministries that would be ideal…

        • YK

          The idea is to scrap all these moribund ministries with budgetary provisions that always fly into the winds by developing wings as soon as they are approved by the clearing house we call National Assembly and the money disbursed by the bureau de change a.k.a CBN. The wage bills of the ministers are not only the problems but the budget provisions. That is where me and you are getting short changed. You need to know how these ministries lobby their cohorts in the NASS to approve outrageous budget without results. The wage bill of minister is very small in a ministry set up. I was once in the system bro. I know what am talking about.

          • Lenz

            Okay, that makes sense… I can’t argue that the budgetary provisions underpinning these ministries are outrageous. So, scrapping some or many of them would be a great and welcome development.

            Perhaps under Buhari — and knowing him — the wage bill of an average Minister will not be unwieldy. I just know that under the PDP Ministers account for tons of ‘undocumented’ waste in not only remuneration but overseas trips, maintenance and general operations that have been a big drain on our resources…

          • YK

            You are very right bro, wage bill is inconsequential but the outrageous budget and it will ease administration because by this you will be dealing with less ministries with less rogues. And by administration the minister of state is ceremonial so he will be dealing with substantive ministers directly. Things are changing bro as it will not be business as usual again believe me. It is a welcome development as you have called it.

    • New Nigerian

      A minister from every state is NOT a constitutional provision, Keyamo clarified this…and I still think we do not need Ministers of State.

      • Lenz


  • YK

    This is what we call serious governance not a tea party as the outgoing one. We shall all support the incoming administration to succeed by all legal means.

  • new republic

    I have nothing to say,that almighty God let Buhari live long amen.because Ibrahim Babanga cut our hope short in 1984.

  • Mo

    Cutting waste is essential, but as M. Adanan showed in his recent analysis, downsizing without actual productivity improvements is a recipe for disaster: non of these reports include a coherent productivity strategy . . .

    Transformation expert’s M. Adanan’s productivity analysis should be required reading for the incoming administration!

    • Eroli Reuben

      First of all when the government in Nigeria retrench it workers to a moribund private sector that does not have the capacity to absolve the retrenched workers and swells the unemployment of its youths, who does it benefits? other than a few fat “cats and a few corrupt politicians” who will have more money to loot from the so-called savings for their private kitty!
      Nigerian should not be fooled

  • Eroli Reuben

    “Ministry of Transportation (to include Works, Aviation, Railways, Waterways/Transport” What super man would Buhari appoint to run this proposed cumbersome behemoth of a ministry? Ah go sit down dey look oooo!

    • Senior Sunny

      My brother what exactly is the “cumbersome task” ? If you voted for one man to rule the entire nation, what is the big deal in a person coordinating the activities of ministries, after all, the permanent secretaries does the main work.

      • Eroli Reuben

        If we are to follow your logic, then the “one man we voted into office to rule the country does not need any ministers and assistance to run the country. Right?

        • Senior Sunny

          Point of correction. The day to day running of the each ministry is done by the Permanent Secretary, the minister’s job is to simply give instructions and direction of what is to be done.

    • New Nigerian

      Ministry of Transport is defined would better reflect how it is defined in the US at Federal & State levels i.e. Department of Transport – DOT. And that would be correct, this way you harmonize & streamline operations

      • Eroli Reuben

        But the DOT in the USA is more or less a regulatory agency, it does not award contracts to build highways, or contracts to build seaports and does not own seaports nor airports or appoints airports general managers, NPA chairman and General manager etc.

  • sendoff

    If Nigeria was restructured to achieve efficiency and commensurate productivity, it would not require more than 8 federal Ministries as the real work of economic growth and development would take place at the level of state/regional and local government. In the meantime, Nigeria blindly copied the most expensive form of governance in the world, the American presidential model, and then went two better than America by installing 36 over-pampered ‘petit- Presidents’ and 774 ‘mini-presidents’, all amply equipped with free money from the center, licencious immunities and powers loaded with frivolous security votes to do as they please with precious little check or balance. Then, everyone concentrates attention on the central government to provide everything from tooth picks to cooking stoves while billions given to the states and local governments end up in private pockets or are foolishly squandered on luxuries in Europe, America and Dubai. In fact, if the states were truly empowered to do their work the govt at the center would need no more than Ministries or secretariats for Defense and national security, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs and Migration, Transport and infrastructure, Economy and Finance, Justice, Trade and Investment. All the others are quite negotiable.

  • Eroli Reuben

    When most countries are engaged in creating compact and nimble sustainable government departments, Nigeria messiah Buhari is swimming against the tide by proposing mega-ministries. What has over centralization achieve for Nigeria in the police, airports, seaports or any sector of the economy?
    Buhari should be focusing on creating and enactment of new laws and rules to stimulate growth and enthrone law and order in Nigeria, other than the usual over simplified solutions of merging and unbundling ministries since 1960 to date.

    • usabram

      There is chaos already. He is in order, he has a mind of his own. He needs to stabilize the system and after a while, drastic changes can be effected

  • ReformNow

    This is it! Nigeria is country you can write your name in gold if you are sincere, honest, have a clear mind and desired to make a difference! The masses will support you and the others will have no choice than to behave. Thank God!

  • Tony

    God will help us. Buhari has good intentions for the country but he may set us back because he does not know how to govern. The cost of running gov’t is high – agreed but to create mega ministry that will be too large for one persons to manage will be counter productive. We may end up with huge money in the bank and all of us die of hunger. God give him wisdom to rule because by strength shall no man prevail.

  • Iheonunekwu Joseph Nwabueze

    Nonsensical. Pure rubbish. Bringing a lot of departments together will not allow the head to manage them well. 36-Ministers are in order, but salaries will be reduced and strictly implemented. In most states and counties in the True federation like USA,, Most government post such as head of organizations, judges, attorney-generals, auditors, head of police or sheriff’s, most senor directors, are all elected, and they are paid allowances, and not salary. Legislatures in Nigeria will be on allowances per sitting. This will make it less attractive. These are the only solution. Other things are waste of time. We can contract management of NNPC, POWER, CUSTOMS, and AVIATION to Experts from USA, OR EUROPE, like in Saudi Arabia and other oil producing states, and pay they per production and result oriented for at least 10-years. They will turn things around, then gradually, we take over from them.

    • Ralf

      Customs cannot b contracted out for national security…They agency can outsource some of its non strategic jobs to companies operating locally, which they hv done…All other ministries n agencies u mentioned can go public like Telecommunications. …This will bring viable competition n efficiency

      • 5rancis_Canad5

        Did you say Customs cannot be contracted out? Noooo, then all the battle of the lion of Budillion is lost. You think all those wahala and releasing their private jet for GM b use are for nothing. Just wait, customs will be privatized for better ollections and efficiency as they did in Lagos. That will tactically dove tail into FIR! Mark my words.

    • Ralf

      Customs cannot b contracted out for national security…They can outsource some of its non strategic jobs to companies operating locally, which they hv done…All other ministries n agencies u mentioned can go public like Telecommunications. …This will bring viable competition n efficiency

    • New Nigerian

      36 Ministers + 36 Ministers of state = 72 Ministers are way too much. Restructuring is in order and trm down by 35% is not enough. You mentioned the USA, The USA has 15 cabinet Secretaries (equivalent of Ministers) and no equivalent of Ministers of State. Now when you compare both countries – USA with a population of 320 million and an economy that is $13 trillion a year & Nigeria with population of 177 million and an economy that is half-a-trillion a year you’d understand my point.

      • Eroli Reuben

        But the ministries or departments in the USA are mostly regulatory agencies. The USA have independent agencies and commissions such as the FAA, Highway Administration, Fannie May/ Sally Mae, EPA, etc. that actually do the heavy lifting in product and service delivery to its citizens. Besides must major developments like the airports, public universities, sea ports are owned by cities, counties and the states, whereas the states owns the highways, counties and cities owns the community feeder roads. The railway lines and trains are owned by private and municipal entities. So the Federal ministers in the USA only play a regulatory and oversight function with a futuristic communication systems and division of labor where actual output is measurable and accountability is assured, with the support of a highly specialized and skilled work force.

        • New Nigerian

          Departments in the USA are not only regulatory agencies – they carry out actual projects as well, yes in concert with State and lower jurisdictions in most cases. A good example, looking at the department of transportation, is the interstate network in the USA from an infrastructure development & maintenance standpoint. The USA have 7 other Cabinet-level agencies total. Also Nigeria also has independent extra-ministerial agencies like you mentioned, The Central bank, Nigerian Ports Authority and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), are reportedly some of these…So yes to a leaner kitchen cabinet for incoming administration…

          • Eroli Reuben

            My friend the interstate system is built by the states, the USA government provides counterpart funding. For example in California it is handled by Caltrans. Caltrans contract the construction to private contractors. The Federal government may participate as a party when the blue prints and policy is being formulated, but states builds their own portion.

          • Eroli Reuben

            You forgot that USA the federal system, has delegated most of the bread and butter issues to the states and the states political sub divisions such as the cities and counties. In Nigeria the states steals the local government funds at its source. Devolution in the USA is worth the paper it is written on.

          • Eroli Reuben

            My brother it takes more than knowing the names of the government departments in the USA to truly understand and appreciates the details of how the system works.

      • God’s Judgement

        Decode the information properly.

  • Raymond Ezeala

    Niger Delta Ministry may be replaced with Ministry for Regional Development.Trying to smuggle in North East through the back door.Buhari is here to execute Northern agenda

    • 4betternaija

      why can’t igbo people just talk normally? they are always alone and tribalistic. yar adua created that ministry but he is a northerner

  • New Nigerian

    While recognizing that this would be a momentous change in the right direction, with 35% trim down. 19 Ministers + Another 19 Ministers of State is still too much. If Barrack Obama can run the US (320 million + $13 trillion annual economy) with 15 Cabinet Members (equivalent of Ministers), then running Nigeria (177 million + $0.5 trillion annual economy) do not require 38-ministerial level positions, if they are capable of doing their job – and Nigeria has very capable people.

  • emmanuel kalu

    it is a good idea to reduce the size of govt and it needs to start with reducing the number of minister and ministries. for sure some commission should be termed limited or completely scrapped. not only should minister and ministries be combined, you can still get the 36 states involved by giving head of department to those ministries combined. the size of govt needs to be reduced from top to bottom.

  • Notorius N.I.G

    The gangster PDP created the minister of state just to cash back in a CROOKLYN way and they love reckless spending in xxxl without minding the suffering of average Nigerian People.

  • iloani

    First good step but the salaries and benefits of all political office holders–Starting from the President to the LGA Counselors MUST be reduced by at least 65% for any meaningful effect to the economy to be felt. In a country where the minimum wages ranges from N7,500.00 to N18,000.00 per month, No government worker political or otherwise should be paid more than N180,000.00 per month, that is 10 times the least Civil servant get paid per month. it is only fair and is doable with effective political will.

  • 4betternaija

    check igbo people’s comments all will be to try to find fault in GMB. I don’t know why they are tribalistic and always alone.

    • Olumide Lawrence

      You may leave this place for Punch where narrow minded people like you bring in tribal sentiment into the discuss of national issues

    • jae pete

      you mean the way you were not tribalistic and in support of GEJ? Yeye dey smell.

  • olu

    The expediency of the moment does not permit over bloated government but a prudent management of human and material resources for the long awaited acceleration of infrastructural development of the country.

  • Kenice Ekeogu

    Good step. keep it up. God bless Nigeria.

  • Blk Bruin

    Music to my eyes. It’s a good start reducing the number of ministeries. But be aware that this kind of reduction will lead to civil servants losing their jobs. You cannot maintain the same staffing levels because things will become even more inefficient than they are already. Just like the NASS members cannot continue to receive their extremely high salaries, they need to be cut. That’s how you start making big wasteful government, smaller and more efficient. God bless Nigeria!

  • ken

    change has come to Nigeria na as buhari take over 2moro, why corruption has gone

  • ken

    what good people of Nigeria need na is not about getin 200 ministers or 19 or 25, what they need na is quick intervention of the nigeria masses, and kick out the corrupt politicians, give us electricity oil and gas…………

  • Mos

    In trying to reduce the number of the ministries to save cost, the President should also consider how efficient they will be when reduced.


    The decisions the federal government is about to take on the merger of federal ministries is to some extent a right one, but due prudence be observed. I want to suggest the following:
    1. That ministry of works should not be merged,
    2. That ministry of Niger Delta should not be changed and nationalized ( ministry of regional development) this connotes nationalizing the ministry to carter for the entire nation whereas the N’Delta has so much contributed to the development of the country without any adequate and equitable compensations.
    3. That ministry of information should not be merged with any other ministries.