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Dreadlock rebirth



DREADLOCK is an ancient hairstyle worn in the world over. It is a natural way of wearing the hair without the addition of chemicals, combs and hairbrushes. It holds a special place among the Rastafarians of Jamaica and Ethiopians. This hairstyle is traced to the Holy Biblical. Leviticus 21: 5, says, “they shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor…” 

   Today, this creative hairstyle is making a strong statement among artistes, people in showbiz, footballers and students of higher institutions of learning. 

   From the natural dreadlocks to extension and tacky dreads, there are quite a lot of options. However, unlike the natural ones, dreadlock extension requires a comb and hair brush to part and attach the needed synthetic.

Tips on dreadlocks

• One of the benefits of wearing your dreadlocks is that it is economical. It saves money and reduces frequent trips to the salons and barber shops on the purchase of expensive wigs, weaves, braids and an assortment of chemical products.

• Also, it is known that hair that is grown together to form a tight loc (dread) holds more strength and reduces damage that can be done to the hair through elements like wind, heat and sleet.

• It is also proven that hair grows faster with dreads. If you have slow hair growth or experience early plateauing of your hair, then dreadlocks are the solution you are waiting for. Say goodbye to combs that damage your hair.

• Dreadlock is fashionable; it is a style that won’t go out of style. It has its own identity, as everyone’s dread is different, beautiful and unique in its own way.

• Finally, dreadlock is chemical free, throw out harmful relaxers. Allow your hair to grow free of chemicals that block the pores in the scalp that may cause Alopecia.

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