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How some PDP leaders caused Jonathan’s loss, by Fani-Kayode




CLAIMS that President Goodluck Jonathan lost the March 28 presidential poll because of the hate campaigns by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Organisation in the run-up to the election have been described as “unfair and mischievous.”

Rather, the Director of Media, PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, declared that the Adamu Muazu-led National Working Committee (NWC) was largely responsible for the failure of the party at the election.

Fani-Kayode, in an interview with journalists in Abuja, ‎lamented that the NWC was busy fighting party leaders instead of making efforts to reunite members.

He denied the recent allegation by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, that President Jonathan lost the election to hate campaigns, adding that he had no regrets over his role in the campaigns.

“Everywhere I go, this question of hate campaign is raised and, frankly, I am tired of it,” he said. “Worse still, some people are beginning to believe the rubbish because we have refused to clear the air. “The truth is that I have no hate in me and neither did anyone in the PCO or in my directorate.

We are serious-minded, patriotic, loyal, faithful, responsible and hard-working party leaders, who chose to answer a call to duty by our President and made massive sacrifices in terms of time, energy, commitment and risk, and stood up for our President when asked to do so.

“They stood up for the President and fought for him when he was faced with the most vicious, malicious and hateful gunfire that this country has ever known.

They fought for him gallantly when he was faced with the most efficient and ruthless campaign of calumny from an opposition that was ruthlessly efficient in all its ways and that was not prepared to spare him or take any prisoners.”

According to him, “the truth is that the APC media machine was awesome, yet we engaged them fire for fire and bullet for bullet, and I do not regret that. If we had not done so, we would have lost the election by at least 10 million more votes than we did.

“We spoke the truth, we engaged the enemy on all fronts and we not only fought them to a standstill but for the first time since the establishment of the APC, they were put on the defensive.

This was a great achievement for which we ought to be thanked and not one for which we should be maligned, misrepresented and insulted.”

Fani-Kayode alleged that the NWC was incapable of defending the policies and legacies of President Jonathan, stating: “They are simply incapable of defending the President and his legacies after he has left office, and neither are the majority of them even ready to do so.

“Instead of focusing on their numerous inadequacies and trying to fix them, these very same people are hurling bricks at others. Instead of preparing to defend the party faithful and enhance their fortunes over the next four years, they are making ‎allegations, alienating and upsetting many party leaders.”

Alleging that some members of the NWC played roles in the disaster that befell the party in the last election, he stated: “They are indeed the enemy within.

The truth is that their allegation is not only baseless but also unadulterated rubbish, and those who made them are nothing but ingrates, cowards and traitors who know nothing about politics, political campaigns, intellectual discourse or political engagement.”

However, “it is important to note that not all of them were bad. Some of them, like Uche Secundus, Kema Chikwe, Barrister Jalo, Wale Oladipo, the national youth leader and a few others did their very best and supported the President as best as they could, but the a majority of them were terrible.‎”

Nevertheless, he accused some NWC members of “trying to revise and re-write history in order to cover up their treachery, weaknesses and inadequacies.

They are fueled by hate and envy, and worst of all, right from the start, they had no interest in fighting for our leader and candidate, President Jonathan, or in ensuring that he won the election.”‎

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  • oluwasegun

    Ode ni bobo yin o, what a shameless person. Justmake sure you pay back nigeria stolen money in your custody. Odaran omo jati jati

  • Nas

    I can authoritatively assure FFK that EFCC is amending the charges against him! He should start preparing for life at Gashua prison.

  • Femi Fani-Kayode should learn to keep quiet a little bit since it is said that silence is golden. He just open his mouth and close it. PDP failed to win the last general election as a result of many factors – hate campaign inclusive and basically poor performance result card of Jonathan/PDP. Failure is failure; hence there is no need for Fani-Kayode to be talking rubbish now.

  • Emmanuel Ukpe

    No one contributed to President Goodluck Jonathan loss of March 28 presidential election…but the President, for lack of performance. He did nothing anyone can point out. He could not even build one refinery to alleviate the suffering of the masses, instead he joined the oil cartel to start collecting oil subsidy…President Goodluck Jonathan action in a simple language is like exporting cassava to overseas for refinement and importing gari back to Nigeria and then you are paid subsidy to sell at a particular price. A smart President would have invested the subsidy money in construction of a refinery, which would have benefited Nigeria, through job creation, low fuel cost at the pump…etc. The President need no advisers to tell him his people in Niger Delta are equally suffering from this despicable action of his. The good news is that he is going back to the creek where he came from, hopefully his creek warlords should ask him why he could not build a refinery in his backyard to facilitate employment for them.

  • mike

    YORUB-assss are traitors than we ever imagined

  • Sal Yarima

    How Fani Kayode got high! How Fani Kayode slept with little girls young enough to be his daughters….this is the kind of news we want to hear from Fani Kayode a non-entity in Nigerian politics. The clown is washed out. He had his day, its time to take a back seat and clean up the drugs and vice!