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I never offered bribe to Justice Ngwuta, Onu fires back


Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, yesterday denied offering any bribe to the Honourable Justice of the Supreme Court or any other judge for that matter to influence judicial proceeding at any time.

In a press statement made available to The Guardian, the minister said he was astonished by the allegations of Justice Ngwuta in his October 18, 2016 petition to the Honourable Chief Justice of Nigeria and the National Judicial Council wherein he alleged that the minister approached him on Ebonyi governorship legal tussles.

“I am astonished that Justice Ngwuta made such statements against my humble self, especially considering that he is my brother, friend and long standing associate of almost three decades,” Onu stated.

According to him: “I have laboured with other compatriots to strengthen the depth and reach of participatory democracy in our beloved country. In doing so, I am conscious of the essence of the rule of law as a vital component of true and enduring democracy and the important need to treasure, protect and defend it at all times. Even as a student, teacher, engineer and administrator, I have always worked tirelessly to uphold the rule of law.”

The minister, who further clarified that he has known the Igwenyi family for a long time and as such exchanges visits from time to time with the family, maintained that coming from the same old Ohaozara Local Council with Justice Ngwuta, the relationship between them have been that of mutual respect for one another over the years.

“I have always been a builder, not a destroyer, a man of peace, honour and justice and shall remain so. I do not have any hand whatsoever in his present travail,” he stated, adding that as a firm believer in honour, such attribute has guided him throughout his more than 25 years career in public service.

“I have not changed. And I will never change. I wish to reassure Hon. Justice Sylvester Nwali Ngwuta that regardless of the circumstance, my heart goes out to him, especially at this challenging time of his career as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria,” Onu stated.

Recall that operatives of the Department of State Security had penultimate weekend raided the Abuja home of Justice Ngwuta before arresting him, with a claim that they found foreign currencies in his apartment.

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  • Arabakpura

    This honourabe gentleman cannot be involved! His mention is the reason why I doubt justice ngwuta’s allegations!

    • otigbu

      He was a gentle man when APC was not in power, now he has become a tiger when they got power. power has not failed to corrupt anyone any time anywhere

      • Jide Ojetunde

        If all gentleman will bcome tigers when they join APC in power, why are U Ibos crying foul over non inclusion in buhari’s cabinet? Hypocrites!

  • vic


    • Jide Ojetunde

      Which law court is the case presently? Where did the judge accused him if not on the pages of the newspaper. Hate has distort ur sense of reasoning. U accuse PMB of marginalising Ibos, yet U keep hating those ones in the cabinet. Onu is one of the most refined igbo politician I av known in recent times, a man who is never crazy for power. When others were in PDP, he stuck with a relatively unpopular ANPP until d merger. He has never cross carpeted to any other party. Even if what the judge said was true of him, you shld give him (Onu) d benefit of doubt bcos of his antecedents by telling the judge to substantiate his claims with evidence. Judges based their judgement on evidence not mere allegations. Justice Ngwuta knows better!

  • Prince Jude Onuchima

    Wonderful Hon. Minister. You offered him advise, not bribe. Probably advised him to do the right thing. How are the mighty falling.

  • Reason-ability

    Not Onu!. Definitely not! This man Onu has always been the perfect gentleman ever. Please observe that he has not denied knowing Nwuta? He is genuinely surprised at why Ngwuta would accuse him?

  • Okworld

    APC is corruption absoluta!! In the beginning was the certificate forgery and then budget padding to Edo election rigging to the incarceration of unwilling judges to herdsmen murdering extravaganza while the end point being economic stagnation leading to ever increased rate of Nigerians going for the suicide option!!!

  • Pa Shakede Oinah

    We are too cowardly in this country. We never own up to our actions or in-actions. If what Onu wants to discuss with the judge is in public interest (both of them being public servant), why not write him a letter instead of inviting him to his house. I feel Onu thought the judge will play ball since they have known themselves for a long time while the judge might think the request is a trap being laid to get him. Nigerians are masters of their own tricks.

  • Theodore

    I don’t believe politicians because they tell a lot of lies. I don’t believe Onu’s denial. Just allow EFCC harass him a little, the truth will be known. I have read too many lies told by politicians. May God forgive them.

  • The Trib3sman

    Methinks that Rotimi Amaechi is the destructive hand behind all these things. There is a limit that Rotimi Amaechi will go that people like Onu will not like to go.

  • 100%Iboguy

    The scoundrels from Vanguard are here again to destroy the sanity that exists on Guardian forum. I wonder why they are not remaining on Vanguard to spew their one sided nonsense.