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I’ll butcher arrested cattle for stomach infrastructure, warns Fayose


Ayodele Fayose

Ayodele Fayose

• Inaugurates Ekiti State anti-grazing marshals
The Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, has inaugurated the state’s Grazing Enforcement Marshals, warning that cattle caught feeding after 6 p.m., would be seized.

He said the state government would collaborate with the police and other security agencies to combat defiant herdsmen. He noted that the marshals would not bear arms and would, therefore, rely on bodies empowered to do so.

The governor reiterated the need to stop innocent people being killed and farmers’ means of livelihood being taken away by armed herdsmen, adding that the life of one citizen is worth more than 10,000 cattle. He said the law was in the interest of cattle rearers, as their operations would be streamlined.

“On August 29, this year, the Anti-Grazing Bill was passed by the House of Assembly. I signed it into law on August 30.‎ Some people go as far as grazing in the night, when farmers are no longer on their lands.‎ Any cattle found grazing after the time stipulated by the law would be confiscated. Such cattle would be sold or killed on the spot ‎and shared out to people, as part of our Stomach Infrastructure programme,” he said.

Fayose also warned the marshals: “This is not an opportunity to harass or intimidate innocent people. You are to enforce the law, not break it. Anybody found going beyond his bounds would be dealt with accordingly.”

The chairman, Hunters Association, Ikole Local Government Area, Osasona Joseph Olukayode, commended Fayose for the initiative.He said prompt intervention by the governor in Oke Ako-Ekiti when armed herdsmen attacked people sent a strong signal to lawbreakers to stay away from the state.

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  • ImpactK

    Could the Igbo Governors particularly Enugu Governor whose people has suffered at least two bloody attack from the criminal herdsmen be suffering from complex? I guess Nigeria await with bathed breath a similar concrete action like this before the criminals parading themselves as herdsmen strikes again.

    • charlieakpeumoh

      As a Nigerian, I am very very proud of this Gov. Fayose! He is just about the only Governor from the whole of the South-West to the South-East and as far down to the South-South, apart from Gov. Nyesom Wike, who could stand up boldly to the savage challenges pose by Presidents Buhari’s clansmen, the so-called, now murderous Fulani herdsmen!! All the South-East Governors are simply timid, clueless cowards (like our last former President), who have consistently failed their people, who sincerely & overwelmingly voted them into power – as far as the security of lives & properties of the Igbo people in their respective States are concern. Because of their individual failures to protect their people – because of their fear of the Buhari factor – let them surrender their mandate back to their people. If they fail to do so now, then the Igbo people of the South-East region should no longer elect them back to office in the next election. Period.

    • Tayomi

      I doubt if they would do such in the SE. But one day a brave one would arise. What are the legislators doing if the Executive remains coward?

  • barriga bello

    Gov. Moonbeam, joke apart, you just won five stars (*****) for this initiative. One more step – please ascertain all the slaughtered cattle are for “stomach infrastructure” only – not local council women/men, area commanders, and well-to-do members of the Ekiti state. Like it, hate it or both (p)