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Don’t say ‘hungry and angry,’ say ‘hangry’.


Oxford“A hungry man is an angry man,” is a popular saying. If you are truly hungry, voicing out that sentence itself may make you extra angry. Too long.

I think the editors at the Oxford Dictionary feel the pains of a lot of people, hence, they came up with the word  ‘hangry’.  All thanks to the English Language.

The English Language, is arguably, the most versatile language in the world. The language, through millions of people who use it daily, keeps reinventing itself to remain current.

You also need to be current. Below are the new set of words that have just been added to the Oxford Dictionary of English. You may find them useful soon.


An instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive:

he ruffled some feathers with his acceptance speech and mic drop after winning the Best British Album award
figurative the final track is the ultimate mic drop’

AWESOMESAUCE: (adjective)

Extremely good; excellent:

the ladies’ awesomesauce weekend in Vegas ended prematurely
seeing them perform live was awesomesauce!

[AS EXCLAMATION]: awesomesauce, looking forward to it!


plural noun

British informal
Playfully teasing or mocking remarks exchanged with another person or group; banter:
it’s going to be a top night with plenty of bants
the bantz were better before social media and even better before text messaging.



informal, chiefly US
Short for no big deal.
he fought off a hundred vampires like it was NBD



informal, , derogatory
Short for social justice warrior.
there will be an uproar from SJWs



I rly hope everyone is OK!
that’s not rly the point
[AS SUBMODIFIER]: the price is pretty reasonable and the food is rly good



[MASS NOUN] informal
The practice whereby a man, especially one travelling on public transport, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat or seats:
a campaign to discourage manspreading or using an adjacent seat as a footrest.



A temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly:
I’m having a brain fart and can’t spell his name correctly



(Typically with reference to a woman) a scowling facial expression, especially as the natural cast of a person’s features:
I have a bitch face too! That’s why people talk to my friends first instead of me!
there’s no reason to be rude and put on a bitch face when someone’s just being friendly.



US informal
A male friend (often used as a form of address):
get off the Internet and get a life bruh
where are my bruhs at?


Overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful:

they’re all butthurt that she released the album online first.

that fight the other night was started by a butthurt player from the losing team.



A person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal:

my fur baby gets carsick, so we don’t take her far unless we have medication from her vet.



[WITH OBJECT] US informal
Make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand:
he MacGyvered a makeshift jack with a log
he has a shock of short red hair and a pair of rectangular-framed glasses MacGyvered with duct tape.



informal, chiefly US
Non-standard spelling of OK1, representing an informal pronunciation (typically used at the end of a statement to invite agreement, approval, or confirmation).
come back in a few hours, mkay?
just leave us some flowers by the door and we’ll pick them up later, mmkay?
mkay, I think I needed that sleep.


noun (plural randos)

A person one does not know, especially one regarded as odd, suspicious, or engaging in socially inappropriate behaviour:
some rando asked to take her photo.
getting yelled at by randos doesn’t bother me.



dialect form of swollenor swelled (see swell).
her eyes was so swole you couldn’t see what color they was.
his little foot swole and swole tell his little toes stuck out.


Syllabification: MX
Entry from US English dictionary


Missile experimental (a US intercontinental ten-warhead ballistic missile).

There are 3 main definitions of MX in English:123
Mx 2
Line breaks: Mx
Pronunciation: /məks/ /mɪks/

A title used before a person’s surname or full name by those who wish to avoid specifying their gender or by those who prefer not to identify themselves as male or female:
the bank is planning to introduce the honorific ‘Mx’ as an alternative for anyone who feels that they don’t, for reasons of undetermined gender, fit into being either a Mr, Mrs, Miss or a Ms

Mx 3
Line breaks: Mx


Beer o’clock:


An appropriate time of day for starting to drink beer:
we went to find a bar as it was almost beer o’clock.

wine o’clock:

Definition of wine o’clock in English:

An appropriate time of day for starting to drink wine:
I just checked my watch and it’s definitely wine o’clock.

Line breaks: han¦gry
Pronunciation: /ˈhaŋɡri/
Definition of hangry in English:
adjective (hangrier, hangriest)

Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger:
I get very hangry if I miss a meal.

Line breaks: snack|able
Pronunciation: /ˈsnakəb(ə)l/
Definition of snackable in English:

1(Of food) suitable to be eaten as a snack:
always have a few snackable veggies on hand
the mini corn muffins are irresistibly snackable.

Line breaks: melty
Pronunciation: /ˈmɛlti/
Definition of melty in English:
adjective (meltier, meltiest)

1(Especially of food) melting or partially melted; soft or semi-liquid in consistency:
melty ice cream
put the slices under a grill until the cheese is all bubbling and melty.

Line breaks: cheffy
Pronunciation: /ˈʃɛfi/
Definition of cheffy in English:
adjective (cheffier, cheffiest)

Relating to or characteristic of a chef (especially with reference to elaborate recipes, complicated techniques, etc.):
there are no trendy ingredients or cheffy tricks
when you cook and write a lot about food, you pick up some cheffy habits.

Line breaks: ci¦dery
Pronunciation: /ˈsʌɪdəri/
Definition of cidery in English:
noun (plural cideries)

A place where cider is made commercially:
the cidery produces an assortment of tasty tipples from more than 50 varieties of organic heritage apples.

Line breaks: cup|cak¦ery
Pronunciation: /ˈkʌpkeɪkəri/
Definition of cupcakery in English:
noun (plural cupcakeries)

A bakery that specializes in cupcakes:
we both have a sweet tooth so we make a habit of stopping in local cupcakeries to check them out.

Line breaks: cake|age
Pronunciation: /ˈkeɪkɪdʒ/
Definition of cakeage in English:

[MASS NOUN] informal
A charge made by a restaurant for serving a cake that they have not supplied themselves:
they told me I was welcome to bring a birthday cake and there would be no cakeage
[AS MODIFIER]: the standard cakeage rate in Melbourne was $3.50 a head.

Cat cafe:
Line breaks: cat cafe
(also cat café)
Definition of cat cafe in English:

A cafe or similar establishment where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises:
she was one of many waiting in line this morning for the opening of North America’s first pop-up cat cafe.

words for gaming and internet

Line breaks: meeple
Pronunciation: /ˈmiːp(ə)l/
Definition of meeple in English:
noun (plural same or meeples)

A small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games, having a stylized human form:
each player is given eight wooden meeples
you can’t move a meeple over a bridge unless a meeple is on the bridge
at least two big meeple were stuck in that city for almost the entire game.

Definition of rage-quit in English:
verb (rage-quits, rage-quitting; past and past participle rage-quitted or rage-quit)

[NO OBJECT] informal, chiefly US
Angrily abandon an activity or pursuit that has become frustrating, especially the playing of a video game:
I tried to play it two different times and wound up rage-quitting both times
we almost rage-quit while trying to get a couple of sandwiches and a pasta salad
[WITH OBJECT]: I just about rage-quit that Metro game.

Line breaks: pwn
Pronunciation: /pəʊn/
Definition of pwn in English:

[WITH OBJECT] informal
(Especially in video gaming) utterly defeat (an opponent or rival); completely get the better of:
I can’t wait to pwn some noobs in this game
are you really going to allow yourself to be pwned by that guy?
the Phillies have pwned us this year.

Line breaks: pwn¦age
Pronunciation: /ˈpəʊnɪdʒ/
Definition of pwnage in English:

[MASS NOUN] informal
(Especially in video gaming) the action or fact of utterly defeating an opponent or rival:
there is the potential for some major pwnage in this game.

Line breaks: Red|dit¦or
Pronunciation: /ˈrɛdɪtə/
Definition of Redditor in English:

A registered user of the website Reddit:
in a popular Ask Reddit thread on Tuesday, Redditors shared their true feelings about their office lives.

Line breaks: sub|red¦dit
Pronunciation: /ˈsʌbrɛdɪt/
Definition of subreddit in English:

A forum dedicated to a specific topic on the website Reddit:
a subreddit devoted to the podcast now draws more than 700,000 unique views a month.

Line breaks: glance|able
Pronunciation: /ˈɡlɑːnsəb(ə)l/
Definition of glanceable in English:

Denoting or relating to information, especially as displayed on an electronic screen, that can be read or understood very quickly and easily:
the built-in apps offer glanceable forecasts for as many cities as you want
a simpler, more glanceable interface.

Line breaks: share|able
Pronunciation: /ˈʃɛːrəb(ə)l/
(also sharable)
Definition of shareable in English:

1Suitable or intended for sharing with another or others:
there’s a massive menu full of shareable snacks.

Line breaks: snack|able
Pronunciation: /ˈsnakəb(ə)l/
Definition of snackable in English:

1(Of food) suitable to be eaten as a snack:
always have a few snackable veggies on hand
the mini corn muffins are irresistibly snackable.

Spear phishing:
Definition of spear phishing in English:


The fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information:
spear phishing represents a serious threat for every industry.

Line breaks: block|chain
Pronunciation: /ˈblɒktʃeɪn/
Definition of blockchain in English:

A digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly:
we can actually have a look at the blockchain and see evidence of what’s going on.

Line breaks: butt-dial
US informal
Definition of butt-dial in English:
verb (butt-dials, butt-dialling, butt-dialled; US butt-dials, butt-dialing, butt-dialed)


Inadvertently call (someone) on a mobile phone in one’s rear trouser pocket, as a result of pressure being accidentally applied to a button or buttons on the phone:
I have had several people butt-dial me, from former girlfriends to my brother.

North American informal
Definition of pocket-dial in English:
verb (pocket-dials, pocket-dialling, pocket-dialled; US pocket-dials, pocket-dialing, pocket-dialed)


Inadvertently call (someone) on a mobile phone in one’s pocket, as a result of pressure being accidentally applied to a button or buttons on the phone:
he pocket-dialled the police and dispatchers listened in on a conversation about the sale of drugs.

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  • amador kester

    Yes language is a dynamic,evolving pr ocess including english the german dialect that borrows virtually from every language including yoruba ( tango dance is from shango dance) ,igbo ( calypso is from jamaican igbo word ka anyi soro mmanwu or lets follow the masquerade dance style) etc.We know in old ebgland too that when a king utters any meaningless word it enters the dictionary on context.So pls how did you arrive at the new words? How acceptable or usable? Is it american or queen,s english?