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Southern leaders fault Buhari on anti-graft war, appointments


Air Commodore Idongesit Nkanga (rtd) (left); Chief Edwin Clark; Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko; Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi and Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s representative, Prof. Ihechukwu Madubike and other delegates at a strategic meeting of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly (SNPA) in Akure… yesterday.

Air Commodore Idongesit Nkanga (rtd) (left); Chief Edwin Clark; Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko; Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi and Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s representative, Prof. Ihechukwu Madubike and other delegates at a strategic meeting of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly (SNPA) in Akure… yesterday.

• Mimiko, Afenifere seek sack of INEC’s acting chairman • Presidency responds, urges ‘support for change process

SOUTHERN political leaders under the aegis of Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly (SNPA) have criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over what they described as selective appointments and war against corruption.

The leaders, drawn from all the three geo-political zones in the southern part of the country in a meeting in Akure yesterday, frowned at what they called politicisation of the war against corruption by the Federal Government.

They also flayed President Buhari for what they termed ‘lopsided appointments’ and advised him to intensify the war against insurgency in the North-East geo-political zone of the country as a matter of priority.

But the Presidency, last night, faulted the leaders’ position, saying the conclusions are by no means original.

According to a statement from Mr. Femi Adesina, the special adviser to the President (Media and Publicity), “they are rehash of the same hackneyed phrases used by those in the opposition to government.

“The time used at the meeting would have been better spent if original ideas had been put forward to advance the change process going on in the country. But…it’s only those who live in denial of it that would be marooned in the past. The Buhari administration will not be distracted. Discerning Nigerians know the truth.”

Chairman of SNPA, Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi, who is also the leader of South-West delegates, said that the fight against corruption by Buhari’s administration is partial to the chagrin of Nigerians, urging him to do everything to reverse the trend.

However, he commended him for setting up the Prof. Itse Sagay-led presidential advisory panel on anti-corruption, appealing to him to be total and non-selective in the fight against corruption, saying justice and the rule of law must reign supreme if the fight against corruption must be won.

While commenting on the selective appointment, the octogenarian stated: “Elections are over and President Buhari is President over Nigeria and Nigerians. No section of the country should be over-patronised at the expense of others. It is our sincere hope that the lopsidedness in the appointments made by the President to date is not an indication of the trend of future appointments.”

Another chieftain of the group from the South-South geo-political zone and an Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, in his remark reiterated that the principle of equity, fairness and justice must be put into use in future appointments by the Federal Government unlike what is applicable now.

Clark, who openly declared that at 89 years he is no longer a member of any political party, said: “It is my strong, irrevocable view that the fundamental statedirective principles and federal character shall not only be respected but must be seen to be adhered to by government for the overall interest and good of all Nigerians.”

He said that the war on corruption must not be selective, limited to perceived political enemies or to score cheap political point but must be diametrical and driven to salvage the country from disrepute and shame.

Governor Olusegun Mimiko and the Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, also implored President Buhari to immediately sack the Acting Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mrs. Amina Zakari.

Mimiko, who spoke yesterday at the South Nigeria People’s Assembly, noted that the appointment of Zakari as the INEC boss violated existing arrangement of past administrations, which ensured the position did not come from the same zone with the President.

The governor said the appointment of the acting Chairman does not only contravene the 1999 constitution but noted that if not reversed, could also truncate the spirit of free and fair election as inherited by the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Also in the same vein, the spokesperson of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, after the monthly meeting of the group at the residence of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, passed a resolution that the trend is dangerous to the country’s democracy.

According to Odumakin: “The appointment of the acting chairman is known to be controversial. The President is urged to form full-fledged government by appointing his ministers as stipulated by the 1999 Constitution.”

Nevertheless, the Yoruba socio-cultural group has declared unalloyed support for the President in his anti-corruption war, saying the hydra-headed monster must be drastically reduced to the barest minimum in the country.

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  • Curseless

    These are the same so called southern leaders who woefully lost the last elections along with their deposit. I believe they will all benefit from a well deserved extended vacation in Syria with Mimiko in the lead.

  • Izeobor

    It will not be enough to point out incongruities in constitutional violations, it should be a matter of court actions if the president is found to violate the nation’s constitution. Somebody from this group should be courageous enough to take the president/fedral government to court. That is the surest way to arrest OBJ-style of government.

  • AriseNigeria

    Selective probe is worst than no probe because the message it conveys is that once you are with us, you have acquired immunity to probe, and any perceived political enemy is corrupt and therefore must be hunted down, that is not the foundation of a true revolution that Nigeria dearly needs. The fight against Corruption must be treated like the “Ebola” disease, INCINERATION OF ALL CORRUPT CONTACT AND SOURCE LIKE EBOLA is the only way, and no other way or option, NO HALF CURE BUT TOTAL OBLITERATION OF THE VIRUS OF CANCER OF CORRUPTION IS THE ONLY WAY TO KILL AND DESTROY THE RAVAGING KILLER DISEASE IN NIGERIA,

    • yinka ola

      selective or no selective, let it start. Its worse than doing nothing like GEJ did and almost ruined nigeria

    • yinka ola

      selective probe as you call it, is a good beginning. No probe at all is worse than Genocide against the nigerian people. GEJ should be executed by firing squad along with these miscreants masquerading as elders.

      • AriseNigeria

        My comments were addressed to ” rational and thinking” human beings ONLY, which unfortunately excludes you.

  • AriseNigeria

    >>>>>>>>>>> GOODLUCK PRESIDENT BUHARI<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Only Buhari can destroy Buhari, and its looking as though he is walking hard on the path of his own personal perdition. Buhari is definitely an old man,and does not need a second term to fix Nigeria, so he can chose to bequeath the nation with a lasting legacy that fights Corruption, Religious intolerance, Tribalism and Nepotism, and none of the these four demons (Corruption, religious extremism, tribalism, or nepotism) is worst than the other, Any President that fails to address all these demons "collectively" has failed the nation. It is not a choice of one evil over the other, it is a choice of "ALL" for "ONE" deal. Selective probe plays right into the old music of Tribalism, Nepotism and Religious divides, and this country FOUGHT A CIVIL WAR not because of "CORRUPTION"but because of Tribalism and Religious evils, Buhari must weigh the cost. He is still counting his steps, and I hope he walks on the right path. Goodluck Mr. Buhari

    • yinka ola

      PMB, let me head your hit squad to execute these enemies of nigerias progress. We will execute jungle judgement against these bastards who cannot even be called respectable in their villages, talkies of state. yank odumakin collected 10m usd from GEJ to ditch PMB and he is still licking his wound

      • AriseNigeria

        I have watched animals at the zoo for many years and I can see you exhibiting the same behavior as them.

    • yinka ola

      We will destroy all the looters masquerading as elders until they be totally wiped out of our national psyche. A new movement is starting where we will mete out raw justice on this looters and their cronies, seizing their assets and lynching them one by one. Agbero clark, BEWARE.

  • Tayo Akin

    Apart from Bishop Gbonigi who stood against the reign of terror foisted on Nigerians by Sanni Abacha, all others in the group have nothing positive to contribute to the progress of Nigeria. Unfortunately, Bishop Gbonigi is shifting grounds, I never would have expected him to be in the company of Clark not to talk of Mimiko and his co travellers. How can Buhari be selective in the war against corruption, when Dasuki was about the first to be visited by the DSS, apart from been an Hausa man, Dasuki is not an everyday man, he was a colonel in the army and a prince in Sokoto, so what is selective about that?

    For Mimiko, Odumakin and moribund Afenifere, the whole interest is money, they are self serving and sell out, they are ready to play ball for highest bidder. They are a disgrace to the Yoruba race and should be ignored.

    • Osanebi Osakuni

      It is your view that is narrowed. ‘selective’ in their context hasn’t anything to do with geographical Zone but political persuasion. Tinubu, Amaechi, Fashola, Fayemi, Aregbesola etc have been exposed to have stolen a lot of public fund yet walking boastfully and freely on the streets.The next thing is to ask for evidence.What evidence do they have against others that they don’t have agent these thieves? Hypocrisy!

      • yinka ola

        People like you will end up in destruction with these looters called elders of agberos, who speak for their bellies only

        • Osanebi Osakuni

          When elders have spoken and you failed to raise any valid issues against their honest observations but only condemned their persons then you have invited self destruction. If am wrong then fault any of their positions to spare yourself

          • Saka Pena

            Where were many of your “Elders”, when Jonathan and his goons were squandering trillions of dollars in earnings? Where were these advocates of fairness when Jonathan’s cabinet squandered the bulk of the budget on themselves at the expense of the nation. Now that the nation ls broke as a result of their thoughtlessness and mindless grab-a-mania, our “Elders” are not offering advice on a way out. Rather they are criticizing an administration that is hardly settled. My only regret is that Bishop Gbonigi allowed himself to be counted in this company of well fed opportunists masquerading as amateur dramatists.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            Why is it that the politics of Nigeria is centered on oil and gas revenue from Niger Delta? Have you tried to avail yourself whatever you state brings on the national table before taking monthly ‘sharing’ from Abuja. It is a big shame that Nigerians are good at calling the people whose resources sustain them thieves while benefiting without giving. That is the real corruption. It doesn’t happen elsewhere except Nigeria. It is even worst to hear that these same parasites own oil block licenses. Shameful!

          • Asumahu Ototole

            Aside from Chief Obafemi Awolowo, name any other leader that has served you? Tinubu is self serving. While he was a Governor, his wife was the first lady. After his tenure, he and his wife became senators. When his mother, the alleged Market Leader died, her daughter who did not own any shop took over. Name these leaders. Has any Oba of Benin visited your State while on the throne? Do you rule only form the comfort of your Parlor all in the name of tradition? Was Ooni of Ife not alive while Ife – Modakeke was burning? Please go and drink water.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            My brother you spoke my mind. I don’t know if you have any view against mine. I will only drink water when am thirsty though but more importantly the type Jesus Christ promised the woman by the well. Thanks

      • Tayo Akin

        Many have responded to your vituperation so, I don’t need to tell you about the quality of your submissions, as well I will not engage in the use of foul language against you. The point I made about Dasuki is very clear and I wasn’t talking about party line, blood is ticker than water, so they say, one would have thought that Buhari been an Hausa/Fulani from the North would cover Dasuki, notwithstanding political affiliations, besides, I am not aware Dasuki is a card carrying member of defunct PDP.

        I am all out for trial and prosecution of any Nigerian who has violated the law, but I am against unjustified vilification of citizens no matter class or status. You said Tinubu, Amaechi and others are ‘exposed’ but is that the law? It’s a pity you don’t have a legal mind, criminal offence is proved beyond reasonable doubt, that standard is trite and universal.

        Nigeria is not a jungle, so we must adhere to due process, to be exposed does not equate with guilty of stated offences. Please drop the garb of tribalistic bigotry and be objective in your comments.

        • Osanebi Osakuni

          Amaechi isn’t from the SW but the same SS as I am. Indeed we were school mates and he was a room mate to a friend so you are wrong labelling my position as sectional. Number doesn’t make an issue right so the number of respondents doesn’t diminish my position that the same emphasis being given against Buhari’s political opponents be extended to all that publicly perceived to have stolen. I never advocated for jungle justice but a holistic approach to the issues of corruption as the elders stated in their position papers. Where then have I got it wrong?

        • Osanebi Osakuni

          Amaechi isn’t from the SW but the same SS as I am. Indeed we were school mates and he was a room mate to a friend so you are wrong labelling my position as sectional. Number doesn’t make an issue right so the number of respondents doesn’t diminish my position that the same emphasis being given against Buhari’s political opponents be extended to all that publicly perceived to have stolen. I never advocated for jungle justice but a holistic approach to the issues of corruption as the elders stated in their position papers. Where then have I got it wrong?

      • omobaoyibo

        You are simply being apolitycal, give us any evdiense that you have against any of those gentlemen you mentioned here, or better still send them to EFCC, and them watch what follows, instead of making open and unsubstantiated comment here. It is easy and infact, has become part of us to easily accuse every public officer in this country as currupt people even without proof .Amaechi is currently facing probe, Fayose took over from Fayemi, If there is any currupt enrichment record against Fayemi, by now Fayose would have exposed him, yet unreasonable and rusty mind can open your mouth to say what ever you like before thinking. The people knows better, things are changing, those who fail to change with time and tide will eventually be left behind.good luck.

        • Osanebi Osakuni

          Imagine the same set of people like you applauding the so called anti corruption turn out asking me for evidence against those leaving beyond their means. You referred to Amaechi from Rivers where uncompleted 4KM mono rail has gulped $1B compared to 150KM Abuja-Kano rail line that cost $500M. Fayose and his government have been shouting that Buhari is shielding Fayemi from being investigated by EFCC and you are asking me for evidence. You are amusing, simply so. What a country? Strange!

    • Kalusia

      This man, keep quiet. You have nothing to say.

      • Tayo Akin

        It is ironical, I have spoken already and you have read what I said, so provide your rebuttal to what I said and fault my submissions with superior argument, that’s the right thing to do.

    • boldking


    • omobaoyibo

      Well said bro.

  • Saleh Nda

    hmmm Edwin Clerk says at his age he does not belong to any political party may be after he had lost out in 2015, he forgot that his house was PDP sub-headquarters after WADATA house, where those seeking for elective positions go for anointing first. Clerk was also bent on removing Nuhu Ribadu as not qualify to contest. Also agitating that JONATHAN (as their son and their turn) MUST complete his second term, so what advise Clerk and his cohorts are now giving.. Please they should allow Buhari do his job.

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Buhari is a fake presidential product made from the press through fake propaganda by some thieves.The highly dishonest acclaimed puritan has funnily admitted that though he got sponsorship from Tinubu and Amaechi, he is unaware they stole pubic funds.It is a pity that Buhari can’t help himself. A man referred to as an illiterate continues to make statements that affirm his low level of mentality. Worrisome!

    • yinka ola

      Osanebi, you are a big fool who obviously is intellectually challenged. we are not surprised such persons of low intellect were part of the imbecile GEJ advisory committee, which is why he failed woefully. The only language of you fool is settlement and cake sharing but thank God we have a leader who will work for a new nigeria. You criminals will not see or partake of it by God’s grace.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        When ‘fools’ make vent more honest views than to Ola then his case is worse. Some elders have observed that Buhari is fighting a one sided anticorruption crusade and making sectional appointments. Observations that are well substantiated with existing reference and your only response is insulting the personalities behind it. Isn’t that insanity? I even gave you a chance to proffer your view but that made you more mad. Now, what really made you angry? One sided appointment or anticorruption harassment? It is a pity really

  • Pastor Chris Allu

    The only visionary leader Nigeria never had is to me the late General Odimegu-Ojukwu who consistently said our problem will continue to be Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy.False or true?

    • yinka ola

      If Igbos believed that ojukwu was visionary, why did they not vote for him, fake pastor. They also knew ojukwu was a misguided folk

  • Nagari Nakowa

    These people have different agenda rather than complaining against corruption. I wish they had taken the statistics of appointments during Jonathan’s time and what their responses were,it is only then we will know they are fighting a course.

  • yinka ola

    ha ha ha,
    Just look at the faces of the criminals. They should tied to stake at kirkiri and executed after recovering our money. Gobbling or no gobbling. He has become a criminal by associating with discredit looters of our national resources. Mimic is a criminal, clark is a front for GEJ. Orji of aria has a date with EFCC. The man used his son to loot aria. We need to kick start this prosecution so soon and many of these faces will be on the fore front. You useless fools are a disgrace to your children and families you represent.


    Gradually, God is exposing the real enemies of Nigeria. The 1st set tagged themselves “Peace Committee”, only to be divinely exposed through the infamous Kukah. We are waiting for the 3rd set. Thank you Oh Lord for the revelation!

    • yinka ola

      The real enemies of the nigerian people masquerading as elders. Very soon, your towns men will mobilise against you and burn down assets acquired with your loot.

  • Joseph Ovedje

    Methink, elders leadership discussion should rather bother on the suffering of the common man and about the advancement of the created man under the universe. Our located place of abode here on earth does not transcend above in the hereafter – the ibo man here will not be the Ibo hereafter. The common good is the well-being of the average humanity on earth here. That I believe should be the common factor. God help Nigeria.

  • Deji Fadina


    Are all these people, and their lackeys, not beneficiaries of the Jonathan regime and his election dollar spray?

    They are hungry again?

    They want to chop here again?

    How about us?

    We have no appointment entitlement because we do not use our tribes as currency to bargain in the political appointment market?

    What have these people done for anybody in their lives except to position themselves for any Government In Power?

    What have the Yorubas gained from any of the huge number of Federally appointed Yorubas since 1999?

    These are not Southern Leaders, they are just old depraved, greedy characters with no love for the children of the south. They are even calling the war against corruption a one-sided affair?

    Who has been arrested yet in the South?

    Or they are saying setting out to find the root of our ills is wrong because it would hurt some of them?

    And please, what is wrong with the EFCC lady?

    She is not a Nigerian?

    Who cares if she is Ms. Buhari or not?

    Did Kennedy not appoint his brother as Attorney general of USA and his in-law as head of the Peace corps?

    Has the woman done anything wrong in her job or is it because

    she is a woman and according to your chauvinistic self importance, therefore:


    will you guys please go where old people go and give the future of Nigeria a chance to breathe?

  • demgosoonknow

    “Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi, who is also the leader of South-West delegates, said that the fight against corruption by Buhari’s administration is partial to the chagrin of Nigerians, urging him to do everything to reverse the trend”. Dear Baba Gbonigi, do not allow these losers drag your good name in the mud, steer clear of these “rotten” men and women seeking and fighting tooth and nail to keep Nigeria in perpetual mess!

  • noeltony

    My opinion of President Buhari was questioned when Dr.
    Paulen Baker asked that famous question about Niger Delta with concise emphasis
    on oil bunkering and amnesty program during my President’s tour of the US.
    Initially, we felt in all sincerity that President Buhari failed to comprehend
    the question due to difference in accent. However, the moderator was quick to
    clarify injecting the phrase ‘inclusive government’. But when the President
    provided that ridiculous answer of 97% who voted for him we all melted. The
    conversion that followed in that ballroom when my President departed is only
    unimagined. Lets hope 97% rule isn’t being implemented.

    War on corruption is an absolute for Nigeria to
    accelerate or kick-start her development. Probe is another venture entirely and
    must be treated with great caution. Present Jonathan did state categorically
    that probe of his government is perfect, but past governments before him must
    not be exonerated. Mr. President, lets not make Saints of past administrations
    out of Jonathan’s government.

  • boldking

    Finally osanebi has said what’s on his mind like many of his brothers. The truth be told, the fact that 70% if not more of our national income come from SS and it put them on the attitude of “it’s ours then let’s loot it as we want” ok agreed it’s from ur side of the country thou not by effort but naturally. Now, how come we have so much billionaires from the same communities where land pollution, poverty, and suffering of the masses from this same communities? Gej just left and it’s pmb that’s cleaning ogoni land. I believe we are young ppl and wt sentiments and tribalism we inherited from our predecessors, let’s try not to be sentimental and be objective with our views so that we can pass a solid legacy to our children.

  • Ikorodua

    No sane person would expect PMB to probe the CROOKS dancing around and shouting us down, under the canopy of APC, the saint party. This was the reason GEJ could not probe the GODFATHER OF CORRUPTION and LOOTING,in nigeria, OBJ. They shared the same political enblem. Now, PMB of APC has the political right to probe ALL the players in the past administrations of which he wasn’t part of:- so, Nigeria are eager to see the total, not half measure CHANGE PMB promised them. This, may, perhaps limit the perceived suspicion of WITCH HUNT. OBJ, Yaradua, GEJ stand qualified to be probed, therefore, anything short of this would not go down well with nigerians. WE ARE NOT ALL FOOLS, and nobody should assume such. We want uncontested justice..
    Appointments are the exclusive preserve/right of the PMB in the new regime, and except where the constitution clearly stipulates otherwise, PMB has the right to ignore the yellings of the opposition. PMB has not declared a govt. of National Unity, etc. We still practise ‘WINNERS TAKE ALL’. A vibrant opposition would not want to be a part of a govt. they are supposed to criticise in a constructive manner :- for the progress and unity of the nation.

  • justice and equity

    Buhari swore to uphold the provisions of the constitution during his swearing in by CJN.Federal character principle is one of them,why has he totally neglected the south eastern region of Nigeria IN ALL HIS APPOINTMENTS HE SHOULD KNOW THAT SOUTH EAST IS DIFFERENT FROM SUOTH SOUTH. Doesn t it negate the provision of the constitution which he swore to uphold,it is non negotiable whether the suoth east voted for him or not,obasanjo,yardua,jonathan complied with it.if i may ask,is buhari suffering from military hang over,he must comply with provision of the constitution with regard to federal character principle.if it means he gives to south east non sensitive porfolios and even if it means he appoints only apc stalwarts,buhari comply with the provision of the constitution you swore to uphold

  • New Nigerian

    These folks just lost an election and they want to run the government ! …they need to be schooled in how democracy works.

  • Asumahu Ototole

    How can you accuse him of being selective. All you so-called southern leaders know is how to amass wealth and flaunt it before everyone around you. You call yourselves leaders! I still wonder who made you leaders. Leaders that would lay flat on the bare floor before Abacha – a Dictator? You are not anyone’s leader in the South. On many occasions we had our chances at the helm of affairs. What did we do with it? If you talk of deplorable roads, you will find them in the south. At one time, we had a Minister of works who abandoned that plume position to become PDP BOT and finally crumbled or stepped away when the masses collectively said no to PDP. The last Minister was reeling out fictitious statistics of non-existing roads under construction and to add insult to injury, all the roads leading to his place of birth remain as it had always been since the era of Dumez!. Compare the atmosphere of today with GEJ’s era you would see that sanity is returning to the country. It also shows that there is more to body language than meets the ordinary eyes..