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Prof. Akinterinwa’s Exposition On Burundi


Sir: There is need to correct a slight mistake in the brilliant exposition of Professor Akinterinwa on the current situation in Burundi which appeared in ‘The Guardian’ of May 24,2015. In the interview the Prof said that the Tutsi are in majority in Rwanda. This is not correct. Like in Burundi the Tutsi are in minority in Rwanda, as they constitute only 15 per cent of the population while the Hutus are in the majority with 85 per cent of the population.

Unfortunately, the minority Tutsi exemplified by President Paul Kigame are ruling with the backing of the military made up mainly of ethnic Tutsi. This unacceptable situation of the minority lording it over the majority was the major reason for the unfortunate Rwandan genocide of the 1990s. The situation was created by the departing Belgian colonialists in the 60s. The Belgians for their own selfish reasons manipulated the socio-political situations in both Burundi and Rwanda to make the Hutus as serfs to the Tutsi. The situation in Rwanda and previously in Burundi is similar to the situation in South Africa where the minority was ruling the majority with impunity. History has shown that the situation in Rwanda cannot last forever.

• Olabode Lucas, Lagos.

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