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The monstrosity of the media


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Sir: When you embark on a journey to visit equity at home, you must go with clean hands. When the business and real estate mogul Donald Trump decided to go into politics, he got carried away by his popularity forgetting his antecedents at the reality show business.

When you create a monster, be prepared to face the full weight of its power when the monster is incubated and hatched. Beware of the cynic power of the media. They make you and then mar you for their mercantilism. When you’re a politician, and a journalist ask you question and you’re not precise in your response, instead, you beg the question and tell the journalist that he will be bored, then you’ll be digging your own political grave.

When you ride on the back of a tiger for circus shows, and to the admiration of a cheering crowd, you have to be ready to get consumed by the same tiger when the tiger becomes famished. The media is hungry now for the news, pronto! Mr. Trump is being consumed by a voracious media. He is in every minute arrogantly playing into stealthy hands of the media. Donald Trump has become an unfettered cannon fodder in the hands of the media.

What an irony!
Again, when you are in the honeymoon and feast with the media with honeycomb that archives the juicy and sumptuous part of the brunch, beware of this yummy part of the feast. Therein might be the bitter part of the yummy yummy, even that might choke you at the end of the merriment. As Mr. Trump plunges into political inferno; as Trump nosedives into the political oblivion, we just have to beware the day of reckoning. We should also beware the ides of March!

When you’re faced with the monstrosity of the media, you had better take cognisance of your environment and watch what comes out from your mouth.
Every word or statement that comes out from your mouth whether by commission or omission will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Trump is facing the day of reckoning now.

Trump’s tantrums were hyped by the media, the same media has celebrated his meltdown. As Mr. Trump is in total meltdown now, the same media is celebrating his comic relief in the marketplace. It’s sad!

As Trump is on the downward spiral, all politicians, sport men and women, artists, academicians and other professional, even individual plebeian should be wary of the media and learn a big lesson from Trumpism.
Yahaya Balogun, Arizona, USA.

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Donald Trump
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