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Walmart is coming to Nigeria


letterSIR: To our folks in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, Walmart is a successful retailer not only in the United States but globally. The company’s management intuitively must have seen the competitiveness and fertile business environment of Nigeria.

But Nigeria’s ugly past and corruption have kept this phenomenon company at bay to invest in Nigeria’s robust business environment. Walmart cautious business optimism may eventually come to fruition in this political dispensation.

Advertently, Walmart is jumping at the opportunity of change in Nigeria to woo and test-market the global hub of investment – Nigeria. The cynics amongst us should have realised by now one of the impending results of the official trip of President Muhammadu Buhari to the United States.

Nigeria is gradually becoming a beautiful bride and destination for global trade and investment. Walmart’s investment in Nigeria will create stupendous job opportunities for our unemployed youth.

It will magnetise other investment companies to Nigeria; and also break the monopoly and exploitation of other retail companies in Nigeria.

One of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s transactional laundry list of wishes is to bring Walmart to Nigeria. A fait accompli that will change business environment in Lagos State and Nigeria in general. Walmart successful establishment in Nigeria will also transform the lives of farmers, traders and ordinary Nigerians.

Nigerian farmers will be encouraged and incentivised by getting their farm produce to retail market for profits. Walmart’s antecedent is real. Res ipsa loquitur (fact speaks for itself). It’s a U.S. company that accommodates the rich and the poor in the remote and urbanised cities in the world.

It has created equal job opportunities and possibility for all. That is the true genius of its global success. He can foresee the transformation of business environment in Lagos State through a visionary enthusiast-Governor Ambode and his initiatives at bringing this iconic and supra-retailer to Nigeria. Our nation will be great again.

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  • beebwai

    Nonsense; a move like this would have been in the making for months even years. Mr Balogun take your Buhari praise-singing elsewhere sir.

  • 21stCenturySlave

    Lol. As if they just woke up last month and decided to come to Nigeria. Global corporation don’t operate that way. Probably been planning this for years