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Alaibe, Lokpobiri, 1, 500 others dump PDP for APC in Baylesa




The All Progressive Congress (APC) on Saturday received 1, 150 new members in Bayelsa ahead of the governorship election in the state slated for December 5, 2015.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that all the new members defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Among those that defected were Mr Wenirepe Seibarogu, a former Deputy Governor, Mr Sam Inokoba, former state PDP Chairman, and Mr Timi Alaibe, former Managing Director, NDDC.

Others include Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri and a former member of House of Representative, Mr Nadu Karibo.

Mr John Oyegun, APC’s National Chairman, who welcomed the new members at a rally in Yenagoa, commended them for their courage to dump the PDP and embrace change.

“Today’s mega rally in Bayelsa is very unique in the history of APC in South-South region of Nigeria; the number and prominent people we have received toady is very amazing.

“APC is making history not only in Bayelsa but for the South-South political zone; I believe by December 5, we will have more progressive states in this zone.

“For those, who have defected, I promise you that you have found a new home for the progress and betterment of Bayelsa,” Oyegun said.

Mr Timipre Sylva, APC Leader in the state, also commended the new members, saying that the party was prepared to take over the Governorship position by December 5.

Sylva, a former governor of the state, said that the forthcoming gubernatorial election was a wakeup call to the people of Bayelsa, stressing that it was time to unite for change.

Also speaking, Mr Timipa Orunimighe, APC Chairman in the state, called on the people to form alliance with the party in order to move the state forward.

“I believe that the road to freedom from backwardness have come to our door; we need government that can bring change and attract investors,” Orunimighe said.

In his comment, Alaibe said that his decision to leave PDP was to encourage the platform of change for the good people of Baylesa

“I have joined APC and we are going to sweep out deceit, oppression, economic stagnation, and undemocratic ways of the PDP come December 5,” the former NDDC boss said.

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  • Samuel Amadi

    Shameless people all because of money, in fact people don’t think that money is not anything, that one day we will leave this money and go where

    • Tman

      What money? Can they ever get the blank check as it use to be during the past corrupt regime? This people are once sinner but now repented to dedicate their life to the service of their people. What gain to they brought to their people during the years of locust except creating individual Billionaire. Even the son-if-the-soil couldn’t clean up Ogoniland.

      • Samuel Amadi

        I heard you man

  • Ebaah Odibo

    Timipre Sylva and Timi Alaibe; both massively corrupt exporting their virus of corruption into APC. Can’t APC see through this charade? These are corrupt rejects; bereft of any political influence and looking for more ways to get nearer Bayelsa State funds for more looting. Sylva is a known drug addict and wife-beater. He can’t win a council seat in his own place of Nembe. Alaibe sowed the seed of massive corruption at the NDDC, a seed that flowering and in full bloom now. He must take responsibility for the failure of that intervention agency not fulfilling its mandate to the long-suffering people of Niger Delta. Now they have run to APC, the ‘change’ platform that does not seem to have any minimum qualification as to who becomes a member? I pity those who have any iota of confidence in these parties, who are by words and deeds corruption personified or is it ‘partified”?

  • ubong

    Buhari is a self contented, hghly disciplined and intelligent retired military officer. He is fully aware of sycophant and political prostitute that are still dreaming is going to be the usual game of lootng as we have witnessed since IBB swept him/late Idiagbon away from their mission to do what he is trying to do now alone but in a democratic way.Buhari,know he needed a platform to execute his vision for the country and he found one in apc, not becuase, apc is different from pdp or is not run by same endemically corrupt nigerians. He is not swept by people jumping gun to dance naked dance o the street, making selfish noise on grounds of joining a ruling party. Buhari know that a true, honest, selfless nigerian in position of public trust do not necessarily need to belong to a ruling party before doing what is expected of him, if the necessary financial allocation and internally generated revenue is used judiciously. Buhari, is president today purely on his honesty and selfless vision for the country and he know nigerian more than some of these noise makers running their mouth daily on public media on governance. Jumping from one party to another, to me is mostly done by dishonourable, greedy and self centered opportunist, who probably are looking for opportunity to continue to loot, which under Buhari, they might find it to be a difficult ball-game. Most Northerners in pdp did not need to run to apc. They make sure they shrewdly, smartly and intelligntly worked with their brothers and sisters in apc to ride on the widely accepted Buhari honesty, selflessness and vision for good governance to get back Political Power. I ever remain to salute and respect their political sagacity and shrewdness and i pray President Buhari, will not fail nigerians and his late colleague-late Tunde idiagbon.Good governance is not about party but personal attitudes and mindset to governance. You can join the ruling party and never change the attitude of being wicked, selfis and imcompetence.we are livng witness to governors ob all party platforms deliberately and wickedly owing months of salary despite generating unaccounted internal revenue and collecting federal alloction every quarter as at when due, instead of accepting their deliberate wickedness to fellow mankind, they delusiionally think information corruption is the best -telling their subjects that their personal wickedness was caused by a president at abuja. what a shame of a nation with highly acclaimed qualified people. i pray president Buhari will use his wisdom to effect the radical changes that nigerian needs starting with our endemiclly corrupt judicial officers caling themselves judges -lower to supreme court..