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A Look Of Dignity


STRIP-CopyStripes give materials and spaces in the home a feel of dignity. When stripe patterns are used in the decorative scheme of any setting, the effect is simply enchanting.

Various items that look good with this pattern include settees, bedspreads, pillow covers, towels and linens. Walls imaginatively painted in this style stand out in elegance. There are bold and small stripes. Big stripes can also be combined with small ones. They are equally used with other patterns like plaid or floral. Bold stripes create punchy appearance in any given environment.

The design element of colour plays an important role in the overall look of the pattern. This means that the background of the material has a way of impacting on the entire presentation. They look more attractive with blending colours. For instance, blue stripes on a white background are beautiful for making bedding, dish cloth and hand linen. Striped towels are good for use and decoration. In a baby’s room, striped and floral patterns for a place like the cot are sure to create charm and warmth.

Different colours of lines of the same or different width are sometimes used together. Two colours may be placed side-by-side, running through in that order. Such combination adds spark and colour, especially when the different shades harmonise.

For windows, striped curtains are useful in altering visual proportions. With the lines on the fabric running from the top down, the illusion of height is created where the windows are not particularly long.

Dining seat may be made to bear the stripe touch on the sitting portion and the backrest. This is best complemented with matching finishing for the other parts in projecting the richness of the design, be they wood or steel.

Considering that settees are big and visible, great care should be taken when using stripe materials. It is good to understand which positioning of the lines work well on the settees and their relationship with the total outlook that is desired. This is a useful guide in choosing to place them vertically or horizontally, said Mr. Segun Obilana, a furniture maker.

A corner in the bathroom could be painted in stripes as part of the decoration to brighten it up. For a place like the stairs, creative use of stripes painted on the wall look attractive and homely. How it is used is a matter of how far ones’s imagination can stretch.

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