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Atmosphere For Miracles (Part 1)


MaritalSex-22-8-15-CopyEVERYONE needs a miracle. Marriage particularly does. Miracles bring about faith, joy and affirmation.

Marriages need to be healed. Joy needs to be constant. Love should be forever. All the ideals of a love relationship do not seem possible in this generation, where divorce is on the alarming rate.

Love dwindles, beauty fades, truth is lost, loyalty is discarded and man’s weakness is celebrated.

To have a happy, long, fruitful, lasting marriage will take a miracle.

Miracles don’t happen everywhere and every time. And I have often wondered why? But I realised that people do not know what a real miracle is.

You can be healed without an apparently cure. Miracles are not magic; they are divinely orchestrated through normal natural means.
If it is a true miracle, it should draw people closer to God, establish faith and promote progress. But it doesn’t eliminate all problems.

Do you need a miracle of a lifetime? Do you want your marriage to be a blessing and a testimony for others? Do you want to find the panacea for unfaithfulness and unsettled home?

Do you want your husband to stick to you for life? Do you doubt the love and complete loyalty of your wife? I have a secret.
Oh, it is no secret, because secrets are no secrets, we just didn’t know it. They have always been there; you neglected it or did not observe well.

In the Bible (Matt. 4 vs 3-4), the devil tempted Jesus to turn stones to bread, but Jesus refused. Yet, when He really needed bread, He multiplied bread. He never used stones as bread.

You see, some people try to make bread out of every stone, get money and pleasure from stones. Haba! Stones are not mountain. Stones are people.

Jesus told the Pharisees that He could turn stones to people. John the Baptist said God could raise children for Abraham from stones (Matt. 3 vs 9).

Some people refer to their wives as stones, meaning heady and difficult. The women sometimes refer to their husband as stony-hearted where the women want to assume head and the men lacks the heart of love.

Many times, we try to perform magic by turning stones to bread. Jesus refused, so should you! See how the miracle happens.
See how you can use the stone. Some temperaments make it seem like we have an unfeeling husband or a very difficult, stubborn wife.

But stones can be used as a foundation for a building. Jesus said Peter was a rock on which the church will be built, so that the gates of hell will not prevail.

So, when you see what you can do with your stony husband, think of the foundations of your marriage and the family you try to raise. Do you even know that when the woman is a stone, it can be a blessing?

Where Jacob used a stone as a pillow was where he saw a revelation of angels and knew that God was with him and that the presence of God was there. He never knew.

Maybe you don’t know that God is in that marriage with stones. See how you can put them to positive use, and then you have a miracle.

The reason we have felt hurt is because we try to remove the stone (Ecclesiastics 10 vs 9). Don’t exchange it with wood; the wood cannot be like stone.

Some stones are too big, too strong that it is difficult to use them. They are called rocks. In fact, if you have one stone, you will need to break them. You would need a hammer. Breaking them will require skills or you would just find that they wouldn’t serve their purpose any longer.

What is God’s provision for melting and breaking stones? How? (Jeremiah 23 vs 28-29). God’s word is like a fire we know, but it is also like a hammer that breaks the rock into usable pieces. WORDS! Broken people are masters in mending. God’s requires a broken heart. Until bread is broken, it is not shared.

When you bless a marriage, you break the couple, so that they can mix and become one. WORDS! The atmosphere you create in your home will create the miracles.

There are very wealthy people who are not enjoying marriage with their partners. But that man falls in love with someone that is not as attractive (as they say) as his wives.

We all need someone to create an atmosphere where we can survive, be happy, laugh and most times forget the troubles are there.

There are people in your life that make you forget that there are troubles. They give you peace. You need it. Peace is not ease. You can have peace even when there are issues around. That is what we need love for.

If they are with you, you can pass through waters and fires without feeling hurt. They are like a relief. People want to be happy. WORDS! What words?
Right words

“How forcible are right words! But what doth your arguing reprove?” (Job 6 vs 25). If every man and woman knows this, they will enjoy marriage.
Right words are words spoken in due season. Some words are true, but not ripe for the ears. There is time for everything. Even Jesus refused to tell his disciples certain words because they couldn’t bear it at that time.

People say the truth is bitter. I never saw that in the Bible.

Is it in yours? If we spoke truth in love, it will be good, it will bring about the healing and restoration required.

Truths are medicines, yes, but a spoonful of honey will make the medicine go down. Some arguments are just not needed. You win an argument to prove a point. You provoke a friend and lose the sweetness of the moment.

Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of your life. You don’t have to shout, hit the table, curse, swear or threaten. If the words are right, then they are forceful on their own. Say it well. It pays.

Kind words
Sometimes it is necessary to give up our rights and try to be kind. Kindness is required in marriage more than anywhere else. “Love suffereth long and is kind.”

Words that reinforces hope, confidence and strength. Words that soften the heart. “Soft answers turns away wrath.”

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