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‘I Never Appreciated What I Had Till I Lost It’


Love and lifeWE had been dating for more than a year and everything between I and my fiancé who proposed to me was really blissful and it was as if we were just the perfect couple who were made for each other. At a point, it seemed like I could not live without him in my life. So like the case would always be for we ladies, the grass seemed or better still, looks greener at the other end and I felt like I wanted to explore the world.

For no just reason, I broke up with him and he was so devastated that he tried so many times to talk me back into the relationship when I could not give him any tangible reason why I broke up with him and this has lasted for about three months. Now, just recently, we started talking again as just friends though we could not avoid seeing other because our place of work is very close to each other. Truly I secretly kept thinking about him, I just found he has just started hooking up with another lady. You might call it selfish but the truth is that I’m not comfortable with that. I summoned up courage, met with my ex and I had to tell him I still loved him and even though things happened between us that it was for a reason and we both may have moved on, we should still give it a second shot.

He said he loved me too and would never stop loving me, but wasn’t ready for relationship right now, that he needed some time to figure things out, and that he has always been in a relationship and never has time of his own. As sad and shocked as I was, I decided I would rather try in anyway possible to keep him wanting to be more than friends. We have hanged out on a few occasions just as friends, we talk almost every day and even text each other. When we hang out it seemed to me like things are back to normal between us, but I get so sad when I keep reminding myself that he doesn’t want a relationship. It is really hard to want something that doesn’t want you back.

I know I made a very big mistake by taking what seemed a treasure to me for granted. I and his cousin sister still talk. When I asked her if he was really seeing someone else, she said he is not even remotely talking to other girls, that he says he just needs sometime for himself.

I am 27 years of age and he is 33 and I just realized that men of great value are not clothed with gold. Please, I really need advice from people who have had similar experience and also others who are really willing to help. Thanks Shayo

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