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Teeth 4 teeth

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
20 February 2021   |   2:55 am
T4T was on his own o (as if I would be on your own before) when his mobile rang and who was calling other than celebrity fashion designer, Mudi.

What Mudi Did Last Tuesday
T4T was on his own o (as if I would be on your own before) when his mobile rang and who was calling other than celebrity fashion designer, Mudi. 

You know Mudi na, who does not know him in Nigeria and across Africa? Yes, Mudi, the guy who has been making clothes for top society people all over Africa for over 20 years now.

But that is not the issue, T4T thought Mudi called to do ‘happy New Year’ for him, you no na, jus wire sometin as older broda to yonga one concern, only for him to be asking if T4T was going for the burial of a Nollywood producer scheduled for today. 

T4T said he had no funds budgeted for that, it was a bait. Instead of Mudi to say, “oya, come, follow me (even if na to carry e bag sef), I will buy your plane ticket, let us go together”…whoosai! 

Bros, nor try dat kain tin again! 

Dear readers, you now know what Mudi did last Tuesday, abi were you expecting to read something else?

Johnny Walka’s New Looks

T4T was minding his business on Monday morning along the busy Enitan Street, Aguda, Surulere, at about 9.34am, when like a ‘Willy Willy’, a figure popped up in front of him. The person carrying a bag across his shoulders greeted T4T as he made to cross the road.

Who come be dis with white bia bia and e come black like dis? The nickel dropped, it was once upon a time rising comedian Johnny Walka standing in my face this early Monday morning!

T4T was forced to ask him what with the gray bushy beards, he laughed very loud, stammered slightly and said it was how he wanted to look like now. Ok o. 

Still On The Matter
T4T was watching a film on the Epic Nollywood channel on DSTV during the week. A movie titled Pot of Money was showing. As usual, one was tempted to check the information of the movie and this was what that guy in that department put out for viewers to read about the movie.

“Out of frustration and desperation, two guys decides to take the fast lane through rituals.”

What did I just see, I asked myself silently. Two guys ‘decides’???

Last week, I advised DSTV to send that particular staff in charge of that department to JSS 1 and while at it, get him or her a brand new copy of that popular English text book titled Brighter Grammar. Obviously, my advise was not heeded. 

By the way, Pot of Money was directed by Evans Orji and it featured Pamella Mberekpe, Ken Chukwu among others. 

Why That Popular Actor Should Stop Speaking English In Yoruba Movies
DO you know one of Yoruba movie greats, Ogogo? You sure do. Very fantastic actor and he has been on the scene for over two decades. In fact, I always enjoy most of the films he starred in.

So, I was watching Idakeji Aye during the week, great movie and Ogogo was running things so smoothly up to the point he decided to speak English language instead of sticking to his Yoruba.

And this was what came out of him: “Numerous people…” He was trying to tell someone that he has numerous people working in his big company.

Hey, wia you bros, nor speak English again for film o. Na Yoruba film you dey act, nor be American film, you hia. Nor go break my TV for me o! 

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