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The Science And Art Of Attraction (1)

By Pamela
25 April 2015   |   4:00 am
I DO not think there is anyone who does not desire to be attractive. Attraction is a very broad term and cannot be relegated only to the relationship between the sexes. This attribute cuts across borders and is a force of its own.
image source mendourmarriage

image source mendourmarriage

I DO not think there is anyone who does not desire to be attractive. Attraction is a very broad term and cannot be relegated only to the relationship between the sexes.

This attribute cuts across borders and is a force of its own.

Companies compete for a market place by utilizing the laws of attraction, landscapes standout and are famed for their different elements of attraction, in so vast our galaxy and indeed the universe, there is the unmistakable element of powerful attraction (AKA gravitational pull) and yet the distinct, reliable element of order, direction or purpose.

Now, back to Earth and to its relationships; it seems that everything that was made is interrelated and mutually reliant in one way or the other. For all our smallness of size in relation to the universe, we seem a very complicated mass of hormones, competition, diversities of desires and perceptions, etc.

See yourself as a whole as opposed to semi-related compartments
It is important to be sentient about the big picture as opposed to compartments of our being. In other to live our lives to the fullest we must be aware and give adequate attention to all components of our being and not just a few of them.

For example, supposing a young lad who has just awakened to his sexual nature – that is, he has become aware of his capacity and appetite for sexual relations; if he indulges in exploring the subtleties of his appetite he will soon find himself consumed by it.

He would seek the likeness of this desire and its subsequent gratification in women, as opposed to looking out for a woman who will match every aspect of his being. Likewise, should a young lady become infatuated with her sexual desirability, she would seek to accentuate it in a larger scope than is befitting.

This is why we see many young women dressing inappropriately and go on to date men who are less interested in their other facets and more interested in their sexual capacity. To be fair, if a woman presents herself in that way, she is not sufficiently aware of all the components that make her. Her sexual desirability is a very important part of a woman and a God given attribute.

However, it is not to take precedence over all other aspects.

A woman is a very intricate, and yet sound being. If her purpose is misunderstood she is abused. When you understand your nature and place you will be better able to utilize your gifts and abilities and will have fruitful and rewarding relationships.

Personal Presentation
The way we present ourselves therefore should reflect us as a whole. For example, a man should not be strapped with the objects of status that he owns but he should look presentable, reliable, confident and responsible – showing that He is a man – not because of what he owns but who he is.

Likewise, a business should present itself in a fashion that is desirable and attractive and should also display the warmth of human concern for its client’s needs, comfort, expectations and pockets.

A business that is able to hold this balance has a greater chance or sustaining profitable relationships than one who doesn’t.

How to make a true connection
When it comes to human interactions, the bottom line is not you nor your presentation but how you make the other person feel about him or herself. In the same way, a corporate outfit or person who accentuates professionalism and neglects the features of informal warmth will alienate his or her clients more than connect with them.

Likewise, a preacher who condemns his congregation and incites fear might receive temporary devotedness but this will only last as long as the congregation comes to the realization of their own righteous inadequacies and the bondage of fear.

Take a child for instance; children grow up wanting to please and love their parents because they can perceive the love and care that their parents shower on them. However, as they grow, and in certain cases, see that they cannot live up to their parent or parents’ expectation of them they give up all together.

one were to show through his or her interactions, an honest care and respect for others, he or she would not only win people over but also inspire in them the desire and passion to be the best that they can be.

Making a true connection therefore, is not about your own desires solely but about a sincere and expressed love for another.

“And above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness.” Colossians 3:14

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us”. 1 John 4:18-19 (KJV)

The Science and Art of Attraction
Love is the science of true attraction. It is the fuel of it and the big picture. Our own personal application of it is the art of attraction.