Wednesday, 20th October 2021
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Charles Ighele

3 days ago
Some weeks ago, my wife Carol and I were gisting and laughing, as we were getting ourselves prepared that morning for the day’s work. We were talking about how much our marriage and love life has grown.
26 Sep
Do you always struggle before you say, “I am sorry.” Do you feel many times that people are just unfair to you? Then you have a problem.
5 Sep
We were already over thirteen years in marriage and had completed having our four biological children. There was a financial transaction that needed to go through a banking process....
29 Aug
A woman came home late from a church programme one night and her husband out of anger, pushed her out and locked the door. She kept knocking but the man told her she was not going to step into the house that night.
8 Aug
From my observation, more children in Nigeria seem to say “I will tell my mummy for you” than they say, “I will tell my daddy for you,” even though daddy is the symbol of strength and protection for the family.
1 Aug
Parents have different styles and ways of bringing up their children. The styles they adopt, most likely are revised editions of what their own parents used on them.
18 Jul
I first saw the title “date your mate” in marriage counselor Nancy Pelt’s book, “The Highly Effective Marriage.” Through the many years I have counseled couples on the need for deliberate constant manufacturing of love-filled activities in their relationships
20 Jun
I met my wife, Carol for the very first time in my life when she was 28 years old, and I married her when she was twenty-nine.
30 May
Before I proposed to my wife, Carol, I had fasted and prayed almost like never before to know whether God was in it or not. I, therefore, knew hundred percent that God was fully in my marriage to Carol.
9 May
It was a gathering of some adults. As the discussion went on, a compere said, “If You Are Not Happy When You Do Not Have Money, You Will Still Not Be Happy When You Have Money.” One of the intelligent men argued that when a man who has responsibilities does not have enough money...
18 Apr
Bishop, what’s going on? Why such a title for an article? Are you encouraging couples to quarrel? If not so, why do you have to give people quarreling rules? Or is quarreling now a football game, where a referee is needed?
18 Apr
•The President Has Reached His Peak Bishop Charles Ighele, the General Superintendent, Holy Spirit Mission (Happy Family Centre), just clocked 66. In this interview with ISAAC TAIWO, he speaks on his church’s mission, his programmes for youths and the nation, while proffering solutions to some of the challenges facing Nigeria Considering the current economic, social…


37 mins ago
  From meeting lifestyle needs to blazing new trails, itel is continuously proving its dominance in the smartphone industry. The global smartphone and accessories brand has been in the news in recent weeks for yet again delivering on its promise to tailor its products to meet the everyday needs of users, laced with superior technology,…
48 mins ago
itel S17 Has It All! Big Battery, Beautiful Design, Amazing Features Just For You There are smartphones, and then there is the itel S17, a smartphone that has the three B’s consumers look out for. The itel S17 has a big battery, big screen, beautiful design, and other amazing features selfie smartphone lovers would fall…
1 hour ago
Leroy Sane struck twice in the second half to inspire Bayern Munich to a 4-0 win at Benfica on Wednesday, as the German giants maintained their perfect record in the Champions League group stage this season.
3 hours ago
Gerard Pique sparked Barcelona's flailing Champions League campaign into life on Wednesday by scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win over Dynamo Kiev, a victory that was witnessed by a half-empty Camp Nou.
4 hours ago
The Taliban agreed Wednesday to work with Russia, China and Iran on regional security after the Kremlin warned of emerging Islamic State and drug-trafficking threats in the wake of the hardline group's takeover in Afghanistan.