Saturday, 23rd October 2021
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Lazarus Muoka

17 Oct
It is expedient for believers all over the world to note that while we wait for the rapture of the saints that our Lord Jesus Christ died for the salvation of all men.
26 Sep
Heaven, the Kingdom of God, is waiting for the saints’ return, which will be made possible by the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in rapture or death of the saints.
5 Sep
There is no more time. The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand, and whatever we can do to save others is now. Let us not waste time because after death, there shall be no more grace for repentance.
29 Aug
In every action of man either towards God, his Creator or his fellowman, there is repercussion, which is either positive or negative, depending on the nature and the motive behind the act.
8 Aug
Key is usually a metal instrument by which the bolt of a lock is turned to open it, allowing gaining of entrance, and taking possession or control of a place. In the context of this message, it is a way of life that guarantees....
18 Jul
A great event is ahead of us and we need to understand that before we can be visited, we must be prepared. Remember that God is not a man and He deserves the first place in your life, not second place because He is holy and He is faithful.
20 Jun
The judgment of God is coming as the world is drawing close to the end. The harvest of souls is ripe; unfortunately, many are still on the fence.
30 May
The name Pharaoh is metaphorically used in the biblical context to connote the enemy of Christians, the children of God. The name symbolises an instrument of intimidation, slavery, wickedness, and exploitation of innocent people.
9 May
God takes an oath to bless a man who is continuously but unconditionally obedient to His Word and always desirous of living a holy and righteous life. The blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow with it.
18 Apr
Right as a noun is having a just claim to something by an individual. Such right could be the opportunity to vote in a General Election in one’s country.
28 Mar
Covenant is usually a formal written agreement or promise, in most cases under seal between two or more parties for a performance of some actions.
28 Feb
The phrase, Day of Reckoning, refers to the last judgment of God in Christian belief during which everyone, after death, is called to account for his or her actions committed in life.


5 mins ago
The White House said Friday it would delay the release of long-classified documents related to the assassination of US President
15 mins ago
The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has reinstated its readiness to complement the Federal Government’s efforts to lift 100 million citizens out of poverty,
46 mins ago
Lev Parnas, a former associate of Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani, was found guilty by a US federal court on Friday of violating
48 mins ago
An assistant director told Alec Baldwin that the prop gun was safe to use; newly filed court documents have revealed. The 63-year old had been told by an assistant director that the weapon was a "cold gun." TMZ reports that according to a search warrant filed in a Santa Fe court, the assistant director didn't…
54 mins ago
Unknown gunmen on Friday night attacked the Abolongo Correctional Centre in Oyo Town, freeing unspecified number of inmates at the facility.