Sunday, 2nd April 2023
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Prophet O. Azuka

14 Mar 2021
A Kingdom is a territory governed by a king. Such kingdom has unique lifestyle and culture peculiar to it. Ours is a heavenly kingdom different from others.
28 Feb 2021
The above topic was the exact question Jesus Christ asked His audience during His earthly ministry. A time came that Jesus Christ needed to ask His followers why they sought Him.
21 Feb 2021
Restitution is not a friendly message. Most times, it hurts the recipients! It is an uncommon and unpopular message practically scarce in many churches because preachers do not want to offend and lose their members.
7 Feb 2021
Evangelism is one of the cardinal teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, but the most neglected among Christians. The immediate audience of Jesus Christ at His ascension knew the weight of this teaching...
31 Jan 2021
Assuredly, God has made available everything man needs to succeed in life. Yet, man fails on daily basis in his quest for success.
17 Jan 2021
Obviously, the judgment of God hangs on false prophets and preachers who were not called by God, but who go about deceiving innocent people. Many preachers have assumed titles they were not divinely given by God. This is sad and patently regrettable!
3 Jan 2021
As the curtain of 2020 is drawn, can you boldly say that you have finished your course for the passing year successfully? Any assignment given by God to man that was neglected in the passing year is a sign of failure.
27 Dec 2020
Paul, the Apostle was astonished, when he visited the city of Athens and saw an inscription, “To The Unknown God.” He quickly understood that the city was given to idol worship and needed the light of God to liberate them from darkness.
13 Dec 2020
Thorough understanding of the text above marks the beginning of a new phase of life for every Christian. So much is embedded in the quoted scripture, as the passage brings to fore the bond between man and God.
5 Dec 2020
Christians of contemporary time like easy life. They do not have the desire to go the extra mile with Jesus Christ in righteousness and holiness. Going extra mile with Jesus entails among other things, living a sinless and spotless life.
22 Nov 2020
From the above text, the Lord needed to replace Saul, who woefully disappointed Him and the entire nation of Israel. The Lord had earlier chosen Saul as the first King of Israel to carry His banner and fight His battle on behalf of the Israelites. Unfortunately, he was not faithful to this noble call; rather,…
15 Nov 2020
Adam, the first man created by God, lost the privilege offered to him in the Garden of Eden to reign on earth. He completely lost control of the entire earth he was hitherto in charge of because of the sin of disobedience.


12 mins ago
The Muslim Congress (tmc) Papa Ajao Branch, holds Ramadan Public Lecturer on 5th April, 2023. The programme, which is expected to discuss the topic: Duties of the leaders and the led in societal Reformation, is slated for 4.30pm, at 33 Aladesuru/Ogunmefun junction, by Jakande Market, Papa-Ajao, Mushin, Lagos. The guest lecturer is Dr Salaudeen Munirudeen…
18 mins ago
Dahwat-ul-Rahmon Dhikir Association is holding its 1444A.H Ramadan lecture and special prayer on Sunday 2nd, April 2023.
1 day ago
Aston Villa climbed above Chelsea and into the top half of the Premier League table with a 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.
1 day ago
Fourteen miners were missing and feared dead in Burundi on Saturday after flash floods swept into a pit where they were searching for gold, the local government administrator told AFP.
1 day ago
Policing the "city that never sleeps" is no easy task even on a typical day -- so New York law enforcement agencies are taking no chances ahead of Donald Trump's high-profile court appearance next week, bracing for protests for and against the first indictment ever of a former US president.