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ANCO backs new PMG, says courier summit inevitable


Bisi Adegbuyi

Bisi Adegbuyi

The Association of Nigeria Courier Operators (ANCO) has applauded the recent inauguration of Mr Bisi Adegbuyi as the new post master-general (PMG) of the federation (PMGoF) and the chief executive of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), with a call for urgent stakeholders’ forum to address multifaceted challenges faced in the industry.

Speaking to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek at ANCO temporary secretariat in Lagos, Mr. Siyanbola Oladapo, the association’s president, said that the industry welcomed the news of Adegbuyi’s appointment with joy; a year after the former PMG proceeded on retirement.

He said the absence of a PMG caused ripples as even among NIPOST workers, advising the new PMG to underplay political patronage, bureaucracy as NIPOST is due for full commercialization.


Oladapo said that the Association believes the appointment was in the best interest of the sector and will augur well for the sector which has been galloping under the influence of multi-economic potholes in the system.

He said, “We believe that the Government took an understudy of the industry which has several options, especially NIPOST before appointing someone who has not passed through the system. I want to believe that, sincerely, the option government has taken must be for a reason. This is a sector that can generate employments and revenue for the economy. Probably, the government thought that going through the same route, as in the past, would lead to no economic revolution in the industry. So, ANCO wishes the new PMG well; we welcome him with joy believing that his tenure will bring a lot of succour to the sector”.

Speaking on the operators’ expectations from the new PMG, the ANCO President said, “We expect changes in way things are done. NIPOST by the virtue of Universal Postal Union (UPU) convention ought to be fully commercialised.

In other countries, agencies of NIPOST status make money for the Government; the Bulk Post Venture can be repackaged. Although heads of these units in NIPOST are trying with meagre supports and obsolete equipment, they need to be encouraged to do more.

“The PMG should also recognise that the full potentials of this industry would remain untapped unless there is an independent Commission, which calls for renewed effort for the passage of the Postal Reform Bill. It is long overdue! We are here to help the new PMG champion this course”.

Oladapo who doubles as the chief executive officer of Bowill Errands underscored the cravings among operators for improved relationships between them and government at different levels.


He said, “We also crave for his better understanding of the important of private courier operators. Hitherto, the Federal Government has been defining postal/courier industry by NIPOST’s performances. They do not really appreciate what it takes to set up a private courier outfit. Therefore, they operators have been neglected by even the civil servants in NIPOST. For the new PMG to succeed, he needs both the civil servants and private players. Mr. Babatunde Fashola was made Minister of Power, Works and Housing, not that he is an engineer, but government believes he can harness the potentials of technocrats around him. The PMG is just there to coordinate, having an idea what should be done. The real duties are performed by the people around him.

“As someone from the private sector too, the PMG, I believe, knows how to turn N2 to N10 rather than waiting for salaries”.

He said the industry shares in the pains of NIPOST staff who have seemingly been neglected, hence, “the nomenclature in NIPOST organigram needs some changes, like the Deputy Postmaster General can be called Executive Director Accounts, or logistics. It matters, because NIPOST is a revenue generating venture that must reflect present day business template. By so doing, it becomes competitive. Some of us in private firms have thrived for over 15 years, because you put in the best to survive. Therefore, he needs the backing of the Ministry to restructure NIPOST, revive the ventures, by setting target for them.

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