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Peak performance techniques – Part 2


peak-potentialContinued From Last Week

Have an ‘inner coach’ – as long as your ‘inner coach’ still has room inside you to push harder don’t restrict him to the praises or accolades of your coach. Push until you think you can’t push anymore, yet, push a little harder, and then major developments will take place in you both physically and mentally.

Practice with periodicity – rhythms or intervals of intense exercises with rest juxtaposed continually. Practice intensely Mondays to Saturdays then rest on Sundays. If you improve by one percent every day, in seventy days you will be twice as good. Prepare, as much physically as you would mentally and spiritually. Feed your spirit with time in the presence of your maker; your soul with inspirational materials; and your body with a strict recommended diet.

Use the creative power of your mind – Surround yourself with pictures of what you desire; pictures to enhance your imagination. ‎Have moments of creation where you imagine (using your five senses) yourself winning; see the gold medal worn on your neck, hear the crowd cheering you then the sound of our National Anthem, feel the bouquet of flowers in your hand, smell the flowers then taste something great. Live in your victory, and then you’ll be unstoppable. Build great self esteem by recalling periods in your life when you performed exceptionally well. Replay them to yourself mentally, enjoying the exhilaration of that moment and realize that those times were not happenstance but a manifestation of your inherent potential. Low self esteem makes us think our successes are accidents while our failures are character flaws. Draw on the power of such exciting moments by walking back mentally, recalling all the circumstances around you that preceded such prodigious performance. For example your physiology – how you moved your body or a song you listened to before the event. My point is if you repeat those circumstances which you had direct control over, you will get the same results.


Master your emotions; they affect your brain, your body, then your performance – Use the power of choice to choose your response to every situation; the power of focus to direct your thoughts on things that will make you happy; then, chin up, chest out, walk tall, moving your body like a champion and you will change your emotions instantly. Putting all these to work will guarantee that you maximise all the resources at your disposal within you to function at your peak for every event. Iyore Ogbuigwe is a Peak Performance Sales Coach

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