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69 Egypt Islamists get life terms for torching church


EgyptEgypt jailed 69 Islamists for life Wednesday for torching a church near Cairo in August 2013 during a crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a judicial official said.

The Coptic church was set on fire and a police station was attacked when violence erupted in the town of Kerdasa on August 14 that year, after hundreds of Morsi supporters died in a crackdown on two protest camps in the capital the same day.

The court also sentenced two minors to 10 years in jail in the same case.

Hundreds of Morsi supporters have been given death sentences or life in jail after often speedy mass trials which the United Nations has called “unprecedented in recent history”.

Morsi himself was given a 20-year prison term by a court last week for ordering the arrest and torture of demonstrators involved in clashes in 2012 when he was president.

The Islamist was ousted by then army chief and now President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on July 3, 2013 after mass street protests against his year-long divisive rule.

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  • sailor27

    Egypt’s alSisi is the most honorable,courageous,decent and extraordinary leader in the Middle East.
    The bigger question would be………..why the Obama-Kerry ‘administration’ , the fraudulent UN,
    along with Turkey, Iran,Qatar – AND their allies in the EU -have been so violently opposed to al Sisi’s integrity,
    accountability, justice, law and order and civilized rule……….
    whilst obsessively supporting, funding, arming and providing material and media support to
    all of the above TERRORIST regimes, as well as their proxies –
    Hamas, Abbas, Hezbollah, the fake “rebels” in Syria, alNusra, Isil, ISIS, alQaeda, Houthis……
    who are ALL committing genocide, crimes against humanity,violence and desecration against
    vulnerable, unarmed, peaceful minorities in the Middle East …..whilst ORCHESTRATING
    mass Islamic infiltration in Europe and America – of criminals, murderers, rapists, masquerading
    as “refugees”……..while REFUSING protection and support to Jazidi, Kurd, Coptic, Bahai, Buddhist
    and Jewish minorities……….is ANYONE awake out there? ANYONE ????
    General al Sisi and the UN whistle blower, Anders Kompass are shining beacons of TRUTH
    in the filthy, corrupt cesspool of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood infested ‘administration’.

    • Well Done