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‎Ndidi Obioha… Enthyst is her life



 Talk about style and elegance, Ndidi Obioha, CEO of Enthyst Events Limited, has it. Her impeccable style of dressing has earned her recognition both at home and outside the country. The International Relations graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, is the City People Magazine’s 2014 Most Stylish Young Diva of the Year. She has also won awards such as Wedding Planner Magazine’s Events Planner of the Year, Nigerian Entrepreneurs Magazine’s Most Outstanding Event Planner and others. In this chat with GERALDINE AKUTU, Ndiditalks about her business and event management in Nigeria. 

How long have you been doing this business?

I’VE been on it for nine years now.

Why did you set up Enthyst Fashion Klinic?

  I started Fashion Klinic because of my passion for dressing people and seeing them look good. The fashion arm has always been there, but was rebranded two years ago to something befitting and to give it the right name for what it is. We sort out people’s style issues and cater for their needs. In the klinic, we style you from head to toe because the right outfit will transform you.

What success stories have you recorded so far?

  Well, I would say it’s the passion, drive and attention to details. Our uniqueness and professionalism have opened doors for us.

Your kind of clients

  Those that want to stand out and need quality services in events and bridals fits into our clientele.

What gives you the cutting edge above others in your line of business?

  We are a very creative company and our services are of high standard. At Enthyst, every work we do speak for us.

How do you manage the event, fashion klinik and bridal arm effectively without any of them suffering?

  I believe that these three complement one another. They are all interwoven. If you have to attend an event, you have to look good. I try as much as I can to balance and deal with them as they come. I have capable hands with me; there is none that has to suffer.

How lucrative is event management in Nigeria?

   I hate to use the word lucrative, but I have mad passion for events. I love to organise things and see things go well. For me, every event has to have a ‘wow’ effect and a story to tell when people leave that event. It is a lucrative business, if you do a good job.

Are you fulfilled in this job?

  Yes, I am. If I come back again to this world, I will still be an events’ planner. I really love what I do.

What aspect of the job do you enjoy most?

  Well…I am an event consultant. As a consultant, you conceptualise define, plan, manage, execute and coordinate events.

Who is fit to be called an event consultant?

  Wow! That’s an amazing question. For you to be called an event consultant, you must have creativity, because without it, you cannot be an event consultant or event planner. You must be able to define the brief you’ve been given and make it grow into something outstanding. You also need to have the right skills to do the job effectively and efficiently. Many call themselves event consultants, but in the real sense, they are event coordinators. As a consultant, I help a company or client achieve their vision, mission and objective.

As a wedding planner, how long does it take you to plan a wedding event?

  As a planner, first of all, the truth is I can plan an event in one night. Over the years, having done this for nine years, we’ve reached a point where we have a team of vendors and suppliers that understands our standards and needs.  We make things happen, even in the shortest of time. If the client gives us the venue, church and guest size, we can plan the wedding in two days. 

Most challenging part of your job

  It is when the client is not honest about the guest size. I cannot do the magic because it’s what you pay for that you get. The guest size totally affects the entire budget from food, drinks, decor and set up. We find a way to work things out but there is a limit to what we can do.

How do you cope with competition?

  There can never be enough to service a nation. For us, because we’ve been able to carve a niche for ourselves, we really try not to take more than we can handle. We have gone to a point where businesses come to us because of referrals. No competition whatsoever because we are a unique brand. 

How do you manage work and home front?

  My spouse understands me and works with my dreams. He is very supportive and gives me the free hand to do my job. My children have been so encouraging. My family is precious to me just as my job is important. So, I try to create a balance to make it work.

As a married woman with experience, what do you think are the causes of divorce?

  It is getting very rampant in Nigeria and it’s really crazy. First and foremost, people marry for the wrong reasons. Lack of communication and true friendship is another thing that can lead to divorce. I always say to people, friendship first before lovers because it sustains the union. Committing your marriage to God first and praying together as a family fosters unity in the family.

Your style of dressing

  I can be very adventurous when it comes to dressing. I like to look elegant and chic. Comfort is my watchword because I have to be comfortable in what I wear.

Describe yourself in few words

  I am a free spirited person.

Secret of your good looks

  Peace of mind and I enjoy what I do. I do my facials, exercise and never sleep with my makeup. Yoga is another thing, which started recently, and its fun.

Philosophy of life

  Do to others; what you want them to do to you. What you can’t take, don’t dish it out.

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