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‘I Thought She Was My Best Friend’


image source mendourmarriage

image source mendourmarriage

Few years ago, there was this lady who lives probably I would say adjacent to my house. We kind of became very close even though she a bit older than I am, to the extent we were like families.  Along the line, I became so close to one of her sisters who was probably about my age.  I would always hang out with her. She knew most things about me that no else knew. I was into her that I thought I could trust my secret with her. We did almost everything together and I knew some very things about her.  My husband then always told he how much he didn’t like her, that she wasn’t a real and good friend, though he never told me the reason he disliked her and on my friend’s part, she would also tell me she didn’t like him. 

After a few years, I and my husband separated after I discovered his incessant cheating. And this period was a very trying moment for me. I tried so hard to keep my cool and I was just so lucky to have good friends to support me, or so I thought. I was so astonished when I started hearing rumor from some of my friends that my friend, Nkem had slept with my husband now separated.  I couldn’t believe it that I had to confront Nkem. She instantly denied it and even said it was my husband who was formulating such stories to tarnish her image, so we won’t be friends any longer.  I believed that because my ex is a very bad liar and often says and does stuff to get people angry.  Clueless me, I just continued to go through this relationship with blinders on. 

I was just relaxing at home one sunny afternoon when I received a phone call from Nkem’s fiancé. He just told me that Nkem his girlfriend actually cheated on him with my ex husband. I asked him how he managed to know. He said she admitted to him that she had cheated on him with my ex, while we were still together and that it even happened in my matrimonial bed. I blamed myself.   How could I have been so naive? 

I was furious.  I felt betrayed by both of them.   I confronted my “friend” again and she still won’t admit it. Since then, for more than one year now, I haven’t spoken to her. The most annoying thing now is she is close to my other friends that I hardly speak with them too even if they are innocent. I just don’t want anything that will bring I and Nkem close. One other thing; I don’t know why her fiancé decided to open up to me.

Now, I find it hard to trust anyone. Please I don’t know if I made a wrong decision about my other friends too.
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