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The Joy Of Connecting To God


IN politics, it is usual to see people relying on the help of godfathers to win elective offices. The godfather is usually the Mr. Fix-it, who is financially sound and enjoys much influence within and outside the party. Because of his wealth and influence, he attracts large followers. Hence, he has an ample opportunity to have his ways. And so, lesser-endowed politicians flock around him, struggling to gain his support and favour. Often, his anointed candidate emerges winner. Though in many cases the so-called godfathers often like to dominate the activities of their political godsons; and though the relationships often end in fiasco, still less-endowed and desperate politicians find themselves currying the favour of godfathers.

  In offices, people try to curry the favour of the boss and at schools; students try to win the favour of their teacher among others. While it is good to have people we lean on to climb the ladder of life, we need to be careful because humans can easily disappoint you. The man who promised to help you find a lucrative job may fail you the time you least expect. The uncle that promised to pay your school fees may turn his back on you. So what do you do? I know of people that believe in visiting herbalist to fortify themselves against enemies. Some cannot attend public functions except they rub a particular pomade or spray a special perfume to ward off ‘evil.’ What if the charm fails you, as it will surely do? You end up worse than before.

  In this world laden with trials and tribulations, we cannot fight the battle alone. We need spiritual connection to excel. Just like we sometimes need the influence and favour of rich and powerful individuals from time-to-time, we equally need spiritual mentors that will lead us to God. Being more knowledgeable about the ways of God, they beam the light for others to follow. Unfortunately too, you may find yourself having a wrong person as your spiritual mentor. Sometimes, the result may be very disastrous. However, the most enduring of all connections is to have direct access to God, Who is the source of this power. He is God Almighty, Who has made Himself available to all mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. He is the beginning and the end and without Him there was nothing made that was made.

  Having direct access to God entails sincerely seeking His face in all you do. It entails regular prayers and devotions. It entails searching the mind of God and entirely submitting to Him. It means placing all your hope, life and career into the hands of God. It is not easy, I know, but it is worth making the effort. We must strive from being children in the house of God to matured Christians. 

Very Rev. Msgr. Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

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