Tuesday, 26th October 2021
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Marriage institution

2 days ago
Do you want to share life with the love of your life? Then give priority to the daily investment of tender behavioral acts in your marriage. Good habits come with good harvest, better than any quick interventions scheme when life hits.
3 Oct
Happy 61st Independence to Nigerians across the world! Our singular prayer for families today is, “Oh, God of creation, direct our noble cause, guide our leader’s right, help our youth the truth to know, in love and honesty to grow...
12 Sep
We continue our discourse on reasons why marriages fail in our modern world. The following are additional three widely recognised reasons amongst others, which are inexhaustible among couples: Diverse Beliefs: Usually, when couples are dating, individual beliefs are often not kept on the front burners. But this becomes a challenge, when decisions are to be…
5 Sep
Why Marriages fail? The following factors can doom a marriage before it has a chance of starting. Marriage usually happens when two people come into love. Soon after the initial crushing and ceremonies
22 Aug
Communication is the art of passing across information, feelings, and thoughts to someone and receiving feedback. It is a process of sharing yourself, both verbally and non-verbally in such a way that your spouse understands what is being said.
8 Aug
The institution of marriage, today, is not what it used to be, as divorce rates have skyrocketed, compared to previous generations, making many people feel lost.
1 Aug
Marriage is a covenant relationship that is binding for life between a man, woman, and God, the Author.
11 Jul
Marriage is not a necessary evil as some people profess today, based on their experiences. Marriage as God instituted it, is a demonstration of synergy because man was created for cooperation and never for isolation.
27 Jun
We continue this week, answering age-long questions by prospective and married couples. Questions such as “Can marriages actually go stale after years?
20 Jun
Happy Father’s Day to all the men who are making daily sacrifices for the wellbeing of their families. Today, let’s examine some of the many questions asked by prospective and married couples.
13 Jun
One of the often-discussed subject matters that influence our lives and is tied to people’s productivity in life endeavours apart from spirituality is the subject of relationships.


7 mins ago
Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has urged traditional rulers in the state to be mindful of what they say and the people they honour with chieftaincy titles not to bring the royal institution into disrepute.
7 mins ago
The persistent free-fall of the naira is an indication that none of the interventions being applied by the monetary authorities has worked. Otherwise, there would have been some respite for the beleaguered currency, even minimally.
7 mins ago
As the Federal Government, in Abuja, harped on diversification of foreign exchange sources through export of manufacturing products yesterday investors in the country’s manufacturing value...
13 mins ago
A Federal High Court, Lagos has dismissed the suit filed by the Industrial and General Insurance Plc (IGI) against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and seven others...
15 mins ago
Niger State government has renewed commitment to partner with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to improve rail transportation and reduce movement of trucks on the roads.