Wednesday, 1st December 2021
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Guardian Angels

7 Jun 2019
An American billionaire just paid off the student loans of students who graduated from Morehouse College on Sunday, May 19, 2019. During his speech to the historically black college, Mr Robert Smith stunned the class of 2019 with his pledge to wipe out their debt, estimated to be worth $40m. Here are things to know about the black-American billionaire: • Mr…
7 Jun 2019
“Collaboration is essentially all about harnessing alternative enabling perspectives, expertise and experience to drive more effective business decisions. While not all options can be actionable, we can ensure that a wide breadth of conceptual due diligence has been appropriately conducted.” (Carl Loof- Founder, Impeccable Collaboration) The play on words here - Collaborative Measures - is…
7 Jun 2019
Ade Adebisi is the Vice Chairman/General manager of the Nigeria Rugby League Association. He is remarkable example of how you can become successful against all odds - including obstacles to health. He can be viewed as a true inspiration and a guardian angel to sickle cell sufferers who he seeks to encourage. He is also an advocate…
7 Jun 2019
A Social Entrepreneur and Life Coach whose mission it is to find sustainable solutions to the societal challenges we face in Africa. She is an example of a person engaged in lower strata society level projects that aim to tackle the basic living problems that affect the average Nigerian. Issues such as poor water supply, and…
3 May 2019
An angel investor is an individual or group of individuals who invest their cash, access to their personal network and their...
3 May 2019
After greeting Mr Oduwole and asking how he was, he replied: “I am good Anita, thanks for asking. Tired, only because I am trying to keep...
3 May 2019
Mrs Ifeoma Dozie and Ceejay Jibunoh, children Chief Newton Jibunoh, the founder of Didi Museum (Didi) recently curated The Journey to Mastery Exhibition...
3 May 2019
A few months after I moved to Botswana (from London) I couldn’t find any locally-made cotton clothes. I discovered a beautiful...
29 Mar 2019
It has been a thoroughly enriching and rewarding journey having had the opportunity to live and work in Europe, The Middle East, The US and Africa and the opportunity to travel much of the globe.
29 Mar 2019
Everyone has a guardian angel inside them. Being the agent of change in a community, one does not need to be a celebrity, a famous businessman or businesswoman, or even royalty.
29 Mar 2019
These poetically inspirational words came from a student; a young woman whose apparent turn-around in life were down to an intense, but meaningful experience as one of many – in fact very many – trainees in agriculture, agro-farming and forestry.
29 Mar 2019
Our opening story begins with strategic philanthropist and mother of five, Alisa Swidler. Hailed as one of the most connected women in London, Alisa uses her vast network to benefit underserved communities....


9 mins ago
Lagos State Government, yesterday, rejected some of the conclusions reached by the Judicial Panel of Inquiry into last year’s #EndSARS protest...
12 mins ago
Delay in the take-off of the second phase of the National Mass Metering Programme (NMMP) may continue to push the burden of electricity meters on consumers.
15 mins ago
Cristiano Ronaldo has accused the France Football editor of lying after he said the Portuguese’s only ambition was to retire with more Ballons d’Or than Lionel Messi...
25 mins ago
If Nigeria would be rescued from the pit of bad leadership, stakeholders must amend the faulty process through which public officials emerge.
31 mins ago
The Federal Government, yesterday, reviewed travel protocol, with an additional Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test imposed on inbound travellers as part of measures to contain the new Omicron variant.