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James O. James

15 Mar 2020
The story of King David, the greatest king ever to reign in Israel is incisive, because there are many lessons to learn from him: • Any man, no matter how anointed, can fall into adultery, if careless!
1 Mar 2020
Today, we shall be concluding the series on how your marriage can be a bed of roses and we shall be looking at how to handle conflicts and disagreements when they arise.
23 Feb 2020
Text: Genesis 3:1-6 Last time, I emphasised the fact that marriage is for matured individuals and not “babes,” because problems are bound to arise in the marriage, and it takes maturity to be able to solve problems and keep the home intact. I believe it is immaturity that makes many people choose the easy option…
16 Feb 2020
One of the major causes of marital failure is the lack of knowledge of what marriage is all about. We aren’t taught either at home or in school, what marriage is all about.
2 Feb 2020
There are many things we take as true, which may not be true that we have come to believe apply to marriage. Some of these myths are so common that they cut across cultures and nationalities.
26 Jan 2020
Today, we shall continue our series on improving communication among couples, by highlighting a fundamental difference between men and women. Based on the way we are wired, most men tend to be more analytical in their thinking, while most women tend to be more intuitive by nature. Therefore, to always expect your wife to explain…
12 Jan 2020
Marital pressures are those things that threaten the peace and stability of any marriage, which if unresolved, can lead to the collapse of the home.
5 Jan 2020
Happy New Year to all my friends and readers, and I pray that 2020 shall be a year of SUPERNATURAL UPLIFTING for you and your family.
22 Dec 2019
The Christmas season is the busiest season all over the world, and it’s characterised by festivities of various kinds, exchange of gifts, buying of clothes...
15 Dec 2019
Like we saw last time the issue of infidelity is a complex issue and the reasons people indulge in it vary from cultural to the issue of lack of self-discipline. Today, we will be looking at the fact that infidelity has far-reaching implications.
1 Dec 2019
There is no marriage that does not go through issues but the ability to handle conflicts and disagreements is one hallmark of a successful marriage.
23 Nov 2019
The issue of having children in marriage, especially in Nigerian societies, is something that’s very important. Delay in childbearing, if not properly handled, can cause untold hardship, especially for the woman.


50 mins ago
The bodies of three people have been discovered in a burnt-out building in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara, police said Saturday
59 mins ago
The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) on Friday urged the Federal Government to establish a Health Bank to support investment
1 hour ago
APC Chairman in Plateau, Mr Rufus Bature has condemned the renewed cycle of attacks on unsuspecting people of Ta’agbe in Miango District of Bassa Local Government of the state.
1 hour ago
Australia banned flights from nine southern African countries on Saturday, tightening its borders to prevent the entry of the new Covid-19 Omicron variant.
1 hour ago
The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) says it has suspended some officials for allegedly extorting a passenger