Monday, 15th August 2022
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Rev. John Okene

27 Feb
Foundational problems are deep-rooted problems that can be traced to ones’ parents or ancestors. In our text, we see that the people never knew the cause of their problems until they make enquires and are told that their fathers had forsaken the Living God, going after other gods.
2 May 2021
A token is a sign, while diviners are those that use divination or satanic means to look at someone’s future. There are different types of divination.
23 Feb 2020
The spirit of error is as old as man, and it will continue to be in operation until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
2 Feb 2020
In our text above, Apostle Paul talked about his struggle with sin even though he had the desire to be good. The remote controlling powers were making him to deviate from the ways of God.
12 Jan 2020
One way the evil collectors collect their dues could be in the form of strange illness in a family, especially a particular sickness that leads to death.
22 Dec 2019
Evil collectors refer to those who come to collect tributes from others. Tribute means giving accolades to someone whether alive or dead.
6 Oct 2019
A curse is a word or an expression with which to cause harm or misfortune to someone, an entity, a place or an object.
23 Jun 2019
These is a restaurant in France with an inscription “Foods and Drinks for free!” Why? Your father has paid for it! Please, when leaving, pay for your children.
2 Jun 2019
A close look at the scripture gives us a clue why firstborns go through a lot of struggles in life. I often wonder why in some familities...
5 May 2019
Household enemies are people that are close to you, are of great help to you and they ensure you have absolute trust in them and never suspect them.
10 Mar 2019
A placenta is an intermediary between a pregnant woman and the foetus through which the baby is connected to the umbilical cord and is responsible for taking oxygen...
20 Jan 2019
The word destiny simply means the purpose of God for your life. It can also refer to God’s plan for your future. It is what you are ordained to do or be in the future.


1 hour ago
Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and Tottenham boss Antonio Conte have been charged with improper conduct after their explosive clashes in Sunday's stormy 2-2 draw.
1 hour ago
Rapper 50 Cent has disclosed the moment Beyoncé confronted him over his feud with Jay-Z. The “Many Men” hitmaker revealed that Queen Bey “jumped out” at him and “was ready to fight” after he stopped by to talk to her husband in Las Vegas many years ago. He made this revelation during an appearance on "The…
2 hours ago
Rapper Nipsey Hussle will be posthumously honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.  The late rapper will receive the honour on August 15, which would have marked his 37th birthday.   American strategist Karen Civil carried the news of this honour in a tweet following an announcement by Walk Of Fame. She wrote, “Nipsey Hussle…
2 hours ago
Violent protests erupted in Raila Odinga's stronghold of Kisumu and parts of Nairobi after he lost his fifth bid for Kenya's presidency on Monday, with angry demonstrators alleging vote-rigging as police fired tear gas to disperse them.
3 hours ago
Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Abdulrasheed Bawa has handed over some military equipment and accouterment to the Nigerian Military High Command. Speaking at a brief ceremony at the Commission's Zonal Command in Abuja, Bawa commended the longstanding collaborative relationship between the Commission and the Nigerian Military. Represented by Head of Operations,…