Sunday, 5th December 2021
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Solomon Ojigiri

21 Feb
We have discussed several reasons for failed relationship, especially courtship and why such relationships do not metamorphosed into blissful marriage.
7 Feb
We have discussed some of the reasons why relationship fails to metamorphosed into holy wedlock. We have talked extensively on the subject of wrong foundation, impatience and disagreements.
15 Mar 2020
Another thing that helps you to know if you are in a wrong relationship is the level of joy, excitement and satisfaction you have and that of the other party.
12 Jan 2020
Your dressing can create unusual acceptance in the heart of others. Your dressing can make people repel you as well.
5 Jan 2020
We must learn to spend time together in reasonable discussions, prayers, study of the word and books, and not to commit sin or immorality. Be careful not to stay in darkness or behind closed doors with the opposite sex. Run from all appearances of evil. Heb. 13:14 says marriage must be honourable in all and…
15 Dec 2019
Relationship for pecuniary motives: love does not think of what to get but what to give. It is no love when a man thinks of what to get or what to grab in a relationship.
1 Dec 2019
Relationship where there is no regard for the people you love or highly esteem: When you are in a relationship with a man or a lady, and he/she does not respect the people you really respect...
24 Nov 2019
Some of them might even call you a fool, or they will say you were too desperate. Most people usually find it difficult to get out of a relationship, especially if they have done the introduction and the parents are already aware.
17 Nov 2019
Relationship entered into just because you are from the same village or locality: It is so unfortunate that many people are too sentimental about who to marry.
13 Oct 2019
When you find yourself in a relationship with a pathological liar, it is nothing but an evidence of a wrong relationship. No one will want to lie to you, if he or she walks in the love of God.
6 Oct 2019
There will be no doctrinal differences or disagreements. But all these as good as they are do not debar you from marrying outside your church...
22 Sep 2019
Rather than revealing the truth they will put on a façade and give everyone around them the impression that meeting that person is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.


21 mins ago
The Conservator-General, National Park Service, Dr Ibrahim Goni, says 60 per cent of the country’s valuable forest estate has been lost to degradation and most of those left, are currently under threat.
29 mins ago
Police have arrested and are investigating case of two brothers, Chima Nnamani and Michael Nnamani, for allegedly involvement in serial raping of a nine-year-old minor within Enugu community.
33 mins ago
Indian security forces killed 13 civilians in the northeastern state of Nagaland when they fired on a truck and later shot at a crowd that had gathered to protest the attack, police said Sunday.
1 hour ago
With the just concluded Ballon d’Or football, fanatics were brought under one umbrella to celebrate the achievements of compatriots. Messi had a spotlight grinning with sheer joy as he fervently clinched unto his shiny gold inspired football award for “Best Footballer Of The Year” for the 7th time. It suffices to say success does not…
1 hour ago
Seyi Shay’s new album titled “Big Girl” is nothing short of energetic. The album which is a metaphor for the growth that women have to pass through to become who they are is reflective of the artist. In this interview with Guardian Life, she talks about the album’s authenticity, her philanthropic activities, and her role…